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“…The once-gruff ska punk influenced band has shed the jumpy chords of their 2008 effort, and dawned the jaw snapping chords of tough punk rock, thankfully, without sacrificing their knack for track after track of stadium filling anthems.
     After a few listens, Succession quick became a preferred listen, erasing any sense of doubt as to whether the changes would stunt progress. With embracing more speed and rock leveled riffs, dual guitarists Neil and Nick push their melodic strengths as they overlap rhythm with vicious solos as yet another effortless layer to their already firm repertoire. The lyrically straightforward, musically well-planned ‘Wake Me Up’ serves as a prime example. Abraham Mersaris might repeat the title line convincingly for the final leg of the track, but the accompanying gang vocals, sweeping ‘woahs’, dark piano keys, and most importantly, revved anticipation built from spiraling guitar solos that flood one’s conscious…
     There’s no way around it, Succession is a grower for those familiar with The Carry-Ons, and an easy choice for newcomers. Succession’s ‘new direction’ might reorient some key influences, but it certainly doesn’t sacrifice any energy. The lyrics remain smart, and the songs dynamic. Succession is a breath of fresh air for free thinkers and a powerful dose of fist pumping anthems for defiant punks. Well worth looking into.”

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