Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for your interest in TNSrecords. We massively appreciate it. We do get a lot of messages, which is lovely. We will try and get back to you asap, but we do have a big backlog so apologies in advance if we are slow to reply or can’t reply personally. As you know, TNS is a glorified and time consuming hobby. Obviously we have real jobs and other projects alongside the label, so it’s difficult to respond to every single message.

We do really appreciate every tiny bit of interest we get, so thanks so much for your enquiry and here are a few bits of info about things we are often asked about.

  • We post all orders first class. However, we are only able to do one Post Office drop a week, as we are all in work and have to arrange packing and postage around our real jobs.

    Your order will be marked ‘complete’ once it is dropped off at the Post Office. You will receive an email notification at this point.

    We use a ‘Drop And Go’ card. The Post Office we use attempts to send all orders the day we drop them off, but this isn’t always possible. Your order isn’t necessarily on it’s way when we mark it complete, but it is with the Post Office.

    Lots of our products are pre-orders. We post pre-orders first class a few days before the release date.

    If you order other items alongside a pre-order we will send all the items together. If you want the other items earlier, please order them separately.

    Our ‘Drop and Go’ card only provides basic tracking on ‘small packets’ or larger items. We can provide a tracking number if you email us, but it is too much work so send out all tracking numbers. The basic tracking only provides tracking information if a delivery is attempted whilst you are out.

    Please look out for missed delivery cards. We get a lot of items returned to us after they are not collected from the Post Office.

    Delays on International orders: Due to a problem at the Post Office combined with customs delays, there is a backlog on International Orders atm. We post International orders at the cheapest price. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE TRACKING. We estimate that these orders could take 6-7 weeks to be delivered. Please look out for delivery cards. Unfortunately customs charges are out of our hands. We have had multiple international orders returned to us due to customs charges not being paid and items not being collected from the Post Office.

  • Unfortunately, we very rarely book TNSrecords gigs any more as we are too busy. In Manchester, there are lots of awesome people putting on amazing gigs. Maybe someone else can help? There are links to some of our favourite promoters on the resources page. But take the time to read up on them first to see if you would work at their gigs.

  • All Manchester Punk Festival enquiries should go straight to MPF. Please check out the FAQs on the MPF website.

  • It is very rare that we will release a band just off the back of a random email, but of course we are always interested in hearing new music. We have a big backlog of bands that have sent us music to listen to, which we are trying to get through. If we like the sound of your bio we will listen. So please make sure the bio does your music justice.

    Please include a link to stream your music rather than attaching big files, or links to download big files.

    We get out to a lot of gigs and are always listening to new music, so our advice is to keep busy and I’m sure we’ll cross paths at some point.

    Before contacting, please think about whether we are right for your band. Have a read of our ethos here. TNS is very much a DIY label so being released on TNS would up your workload rather than reduce it. We want to help bands who gig as much as possible and also love bands who support other bands/book gigs where they are based. Knowing you support DIY music is very important to us.

    Do you actually buy TNS releases? We are always confused when a band contacts us who have no knowledge of our other releases. We know many of you are very supportive, but our sales obviously reflect the fact that not every band who contacts us is invested in what we do.

    Ideally we’d want you to self release something before asking us to get involved. It’s useful for bands to be aware of the difficulties of releasing and selling music and a good idea to build interest in the band prior to any label putting a release out.

    It is not personal if we can’t release music for your band. We have turned down some of our favourite bands in the past, often because of time or money. But, sometimes we might not like music we are sent. That doesn’t mean it isn’t good, but we have to be fully invested in the things we release as we will be spending a lot of our spare time and money on them.

    If you think that we’re a good fit, please get in touch here.

  • Please complete the submission form here. You can check out and follow our playlists here.

    We do get a lot of submissions for this, so please be patient and again, please don’t take it personally if we choose not to include your band.

  • Yes. Please get in touch via our contact page here.

  • Yes. Get in touch via our contact page here.

  • Unfortunately we don’t have time to do the bookings for the bands. Please get in touch with them directly. Pizzatramp will probably reply within a few months.

  • That is amazing, thank you! Please have a read of our mission statement and check out the information on the street team. If you still want to get involved please get in touch via our contact page here.

  • We are always eager to help with anything educational at whatever level you are studying. It means a lot that you have considered including us and we are very happy to do interviews about our label if it helps you with your studies.

    Please read the history first, as it’s more interesting for ourselves and for you if we can elaborate on more specific points of interest. Please feel free to quote from the history too. If you have any queries related to education or research projects please get in touch via our contact form.

  • You can get in touch using our contact form here.

  • It’s fucking booze time.