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DIY Punk since 2003

TNSrecords aims to support and spread the word about exciting bands, who could be considered punk in either sound or ethos. The emphasis is very much based around community spirit, the DIY ethos and working collectively with like-minded people. The TNS family continues to expand.  We started out as a zine and then a band night way back in 2003 in Manchester. TNS evolved into an independent label in 2008.


TNSrecords are dedicated to supporting exciting music at grass roots level.

We believe in the music ‘scene’ working together as a community making every aspect better for all, discriminating against none.

  • TNS is run on a not-for-profit basis. We generally just about cover costs, anything else funds future releases.
  • ‘TNS’ bands should be actively involved in supporting other bands and helping them to play in their towns, working as hard as possible to get underground music out to genuine fans.
  • TNS oppose pay-to-play gigs, music competitions and money grabbing promoters. Music should never be about competing.
  • We believe that music can be a positive force politically, socially and morally, but also that everyone involved should have lots of fun!

If you want to get involved, or have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Make sure you check out our FAQs first.


In 2015, TNSrecords formed a collective with Moving North and Anarchistic Undertones to start a new punk festival in Manchester. The aim of Manchester Punk Festival is to bring a diverse range of bands, who could be considered punk in sound or ethos, to Manchester.

The weekend offers the opportunity for many people to congregate and listen to awesome bands from all over the world in some of the cities best independent venue.

Manchester Punk Festival

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