If you haven’t check out Wonkfest before. Well you should. This year’s festival, on 25th July, in London, will be amazing. We have asked Alex from the awesome TNS band Wonk Unit to tell you all about it. This is what he has to say:


Hi TNSrecords family! My name is Alex from the band Wonk Unit.

Once a year at the end of July we put on a crazy gig in London that we call Wonkfest. The bands that fit the criteria for this are the ones that have been important to us throughout our year of touring. The bands that put us on in the cities across the UK, the bands that have supported us, the bands with a similar ethos to the Wonk (ie folk that embrace diversity, tolerance, folk that smile and have respect for ones neighbours.).

We are looking to the future.We want the new blood. The leaders of the pack. the scene creators. The folk that get off their asses and do stuff for themselves.These are the bands that play Wonkfest.

Wonk Unit supporting Slaves

We embrace the aspect of community. We encourage everyone to bring a plate of food for a massive buffet! Everyone gets fed. Everyone meets new friends, some lucky devils get laid. It’s chilled, it’s friendly.

Bands not known in London get to play to a new fanbase who really appreciate the chance to see bands from afar. It works! These aren’t the bands you’ll see on your usual punk rock line ups. These aren’t the bands with the PR companies that you get pushed down your throat in magazines. These are THE REAL BANDS! The bands doing it in the UK right now in 2015. The bands you’ll probably see on the telly in a couple years time. PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARTY!!!!! XXXX


So if that hasn’t convinced you, what is wrong? OK, check out this documentary from last year’s festival:

Pick up your tickets HERE and find out more on Facebook HERE.


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