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Collect Them All Poster

With the recent release of the NO FEALTY album ‘In the Shadow of the Monolith’ we have somehow made it to 30 TNS releases. To be honest we are quite shocked that we have got this far. We never imagined that this would be possible when we were putting together the first compilation, which was released in April 2008. We really wouldn’t have got past the first release, let alone up to 30, without your support!

To celebrate this milestone we asked Bunty, who also designed both Bootscraper album covers, to create an illustration that incorporates an element from each release into one illustration. That was it. We weren’t sure what she would come up. The resulting image was more than we could have wished for, or ever imagined. If you check out the design below I’m sure you will agree… then spend the next 10 mins trying to spot which cover each bit came from.

TNS shirt_sm

As a thank you to everyone that has supported us we are going to give away a free t-shirt, featuring this design, to anyone that can show us that they own every single TNS release. All you need to do to make your claim is to post a picture on the TNSrecords facebook wall of all the releases laid out together. We are setting a deadline of the 1st October to give you a chance to get your collections together and find those missing releases. We will also make the t-shirt available to order for those of you that haven’t collected them all. Keep an eye on the webstore and the facebook for more info when this will be available.

There are some releases that we are completely sold out of, but we believe that you should be able to pick them up from some bands or independent record shops. If you need help please give us a shout on facebook, or via email, and we will try to point you in the right direction.

We will also be getting some ‘Collect Them All’ posters printed will the covers of all 30 releases on, so keep an eye out for them! Here is a picture of Terry Foster’s TNS collection! Bring on the next 30.