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This is what Deadlamb records have to say about the compilation:

This compilation gives a good glimpse at the current (mostly British) punk scene. Compilations always kinda suck, because out of 20 bands you always have 15 excellent ones and 5 that spoil everything. Honestly, there’s no track on this Cd that knocked me down, but, and more importantly, there is absolutely no shitty track on it, which is quite remarkable. Some of the bands sound a bit more melodic or garage, but punk-rock remains the king. The sound quality is good, the sad thing is no information on the bands is provided ! No lyrics, no photos, not even the bands’ contact addresses ! Only a couple words by the labels co producing it. At a time when people download all of their music, the least the labels should do to encourage them to buy records is to make them the old way : with big booklets and at least one page per band. Anyway, I’m not gonna name all of the 23 bands, check it out for yourself you shouldn’t be disappointed.


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