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We’ve had a very busy year. We released so much music with loads planned in the near future. This means we need to make a load of space and shift some records sharp. We’re having a quick one week sale where you can pick up 5 CDs for just £20. This includes some releases and re-releases from this year as well as loads of old favourites. Get stuck in!

*Please only order one copy of each record. Multiple orders of the same record in a bundle will be refunded.*

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Acid Drop – The End of Days, Black Volvo – Bad Driving, Black Volvo – Once We All Were Wolves, Bootscraper – S/T, Braindead – Libertalia, Faintest Idea – Increasing the Minimum Rage, Grand Collapse – Along The Dew, Officer Down – Dead Lands, Revenge of the Psychotronic Man – Colossal Velocity, Roughneck Riot – Out of Anger, Sounds of Swami – S/T, The Domestics – Routine & Ritual, The Franceens – Stepford Smiles, The Shadowcops – A Big Pot of Hot, Vanilla Pod – Seeing Out The Sunrise, Wonk Unit – Feel The Wonkness