Revenge of the Psychotronic Man – Make Pigs Smoke (CD)

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‘Make Pigs Smoke’ is the second full length album from Revenge of the Psychotronic Man. Following up the split release with the Fractions (TNS002) this is their fastest release to date and received rave reviews. It’s critically acclaimed 14 songs in 18 minutes.

“This is one hardcore punk album worth breaking your best friend’s legs for… Fans of Kid Dynamite and Zeke will be in nosebleed heaven… Kid Dynamite would explode if they heard this” 5/5 Tom Williams – Big Cheese

“Woah this is beyond fast! Seriously this is really awesome. The riffs are immense, the vocals powerful, the recording spot on. Damn impressive…ROTPM were always a great band but with this album they’ve really come into their own and proved that they can really be a force of the UK punk rock scene… Punk rock for the Jager generation!” Mr. T – Lights Go Out Fanzine

“This is f*cking great” Razorcake USA

“An infectiousness you can’t ignore” Riot77

“All this album is fantastic, it makes me feel younger than I actually am, it makes me wanna jump around and swear and get pissed and that can only be the sign of a great band.” Mild Peril fanzine

“Do yourself a favor and buy this record” 5/5 –

“One of the best punk albums of the last five years” Mish Mash Mosh

“It pumps you up for some hard drinking and hard rocking” 5/5 – Shot in the Foot

“This album immediately jumps out of your speakers, runs around your front room screaming like a mental patient, stops and pants for a bit, then legs it out of the window” Burnout

“Raging superfast hardcore with vocals that are a bit gruff and a bit manic, Awesome!” You Can’t Say No to Hope fanzine

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