Name Your Price

Over the years we have accumulated lots of stock. The nature of DIY music has meant that some bands inevitably split up and we’ve also seen a huge drop in CD sales as vinyl has made its huge resurgence. We’d much rather this music went to a loving home than leaving it sitting in a garage. It’s also very important to us that music is accessible to all. We know that finances can sometimes make supporting labels such as TNS difficult. This deal allows us to address both of these issues. If you can afford it, a donation for these items is very welcome and helps us to continue to do what we do. Please remember that we don’t take a penny from the label ourselves, so our margins are always tight. If you can’t afford it, please just pay the postage and grab a few items, but in return, your help spreading the word about the label would be massively appreciated. People often ask us how we’d like to see customers using this deal. It would be lovely if those who can afford to could buy some regularly priced releases alongside picking up items in this deal. We like to think that our standard prices are very fair. It’s also frustrating when someone takes one of every item. We aren’t really sure that this reflects the spirit of the deal. We are more than happy for you to take multiple items, but over 15/20 free items is excessive. But, please do take advantage of the offer. We’d much rather that this music was being listened to by you good people.