Kill The Rooster – S/T (12″)

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Featuring members of Stars Burns Stripes.

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For a little while Kill The Rooster were a pop punk band that sourced their inspiration primarily from late 90s Green Day while also integrating a touch of alternative rock in their expression. They’ve been slowly refining and evolving their sound since their inception, which has finally resulted into a mature and convincing expression on their self-titled debut album. All hints of pop punk have been left far behind; instead Kill The Rooster locate themselves somewhere in the middle ground between the more ambitious modern Green Day, the gritty alternative rock of Foo Fighters, and the deranged experimentalism of System Of A Down.

In the process, their songwriting has improved by leaps and bounds. “Fear” alone is the best song this band has written to date, with an impossibly catchy chorus following a number of bouncy alternative rock riffs and thick bass grooves. It’s a song that flirts with punk rock with its uptempo approach, but it definitely belongs to the alternative rock spectrum given its structure and overall soundscape. “Fantasizing”, another highlight track on the album, features SOAD-esque aggressive, slaying guitars before another great chorus captivates the listener on first listen. “Medication” is equally catchy, this time less manic and all-over-the-place like “Fantasizing” was, while still remaining heavier in its sound than “Slob” and “Fear”, for instance. It’s got a sing along chorus, though to call it radio friendly might be pushing it a little bit.

Throughout the record, vocalist Carsten sounds a little bit like a combination between Billie Joe Armstrong and SOAD’s Serj Tankian. In practice, it means he can do an edgy, roughened approach that’s more akin to yelling than singing, while also mastering the more melodious clean singing needed for the catchy choruses that dominate the record. Whether it’s “Fuck”, “Caught In A Maze” or “Ready To Die”, Carsten delivers original, varied material that sticks to mind straight away, and when his guitar/vocal combo is supplemented by tight drumming and thick bass-lines, well, what’s not to like?

Lyrically the album can be criticized for being rather simplistic, but even in this department it’s not that bad. Otherwise, the self-titled debut is an incredibly strong debut that should open a lot of doors for the band. I’d be willing to call this international class without thinking twice.

Download: Fear, Fantasizing, Ready To Die, Slob, Medication

For the fans of: Green Day, System Of A Down, Foo Fighters

Release date 01.06.2013


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