Innerpartysystem – Not Getting Any Better (The Remixes) (Card CD)


Innerpartysystem – Not Getting Any Better (The Remixes) (Card CD). This has 6 different electro house mixes of Not Getting Any Better.

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Before singer Patrick Nissley and drummer Jared Piccone started the dance-rock early-Killers-influenced outfit Innerpartysystem, both were in the Reading, PA-based emo band Thirteen Over Eight, which Piccone (who was then on drums) joined in 2000, a few years after their inception.

Though the group enjoyed a nice local response and comparisons to bands like the Used and Thursday, things didn’t really take off until the two started the electronic-inspired the Takeover, which later morphed into Innerpartysystem. With Kris Barman on keys and Jesse Cronan on guitars and keys, the group signed to Stolen Transmission (headed by Sarah Lewitinn, credited for helping bands like My Chemical Romance and the Killers reach the mainstream) in May 2007, releasing their The Download EP a few months later. ~ Marisa Brown


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