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With third album “Presented As A Work Of Fictionâ€ï†, FORMER CELL MATES have come of age, and finally delivered on all they have promised up until now. This is their masterpiece – melodic punk (showing a nod to singer / guitarist David Lee Burdon’s old band LEATHERFACE) gets hit side on by a healthy dose of classic rock and even a touch of soul through David’s emotional raw vocals. The song writing is complemented by the addition of a brass section and piano into the mix which adds another dimension to FORMER CELL MATES’ rocking tunes, making them stand out from the rest of the pack and taking things to the next level amongst their peers. “Presented As A Work Of Fictionâ€ï† is not only a collection of the finest songs FORMER CELL MATES have written to date, but is also the album you always knew they had in them! The packaging also complements the songs, with the CD version in a digipack with full colour booklet, and the vinyl version on strictly limited edition coloured vinyl in a heavyweight sleeve.

This is a co-release with Poison City Records of Australia – in Australia and New Zealand please order directly from Poison City.

FORMAT: Digipack CD with full colour booklet

Track listing

1. National Suite

2. The City Kneels Before Us

3. Soulless By Design

4. Right At Surrey Ridge

5. Violins

6. American English

7. Chipped Tooth Grin

8. Rainclouds Never Let You Down

9. Have I Grown On You Yet?

10. Something Worth Leaving (part I)

11. Something Worth Leaving III


Cat #: BTRC059

Label: Boss Tuneage

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