Elmo & The Styx – Happy


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“Music to sooth the soul and lube the hole”, or so they say.

Punk. With grunge. And other stuff to make it sound good.


The British trio define their unique sound as Thunk! – a thunderous mix of Funk and Punk.

Splicing two genres in a grungy affair, the production of Happy shows every note, beat and scream.

A must have for every new band enthusiast. One of the biggest rising talents in the UK alternative scene.


“Captures the energy and insanity of the live show” Antipop

“It’s over so fast you have to put it on again right away. Definitely a good sign!” Click Liverpool

“Packed full of pop, rock, alt, prog and punk treasures that leave you with no time to think, only enough time to flail along before you are thrown into the next banger.” Yeah Buddy


  1. Elmo and The Styx – Blood Soup
  2. Elmo and The Styx – Male Pride
  3. Elmo and The Styx – 2001
  4. Elmo and The Styx – Skin
  5. Elmo and The Styx – Incorrect
  6. Elmo and The Styx – In Your Hole
  7. Elmo and The Styx – My True Face
  8. Elmo and The Styx – Bearded Lady
  9. Elmo and The Styx – Milk
  10. Elmo and The Styx – Dust

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