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Mike Scott is in the bands Lay it on the Line and Company L, and used to be in Phinius Gage. When solo, he plays downbeat acoustic punk.

In 2011 he released his début solo album – Massacre Songs – on Fond of Life Records. This CD serves as a companion to that, and collects tracks from Mike’s early demos/EPs/etc.

“This compilation serves well on a variety of levels. It’s a decent introduction piece as well as a practical one-stop-shop of material. It’s also a very good companion piece to ‘Saturation Point’, demonstrating Scott’s general approach in the face of such experimental matter. On top of all that, the mix of tracks goes some way to capturing Scott’s live performance, an arena in which he probably excels more so than on recording. Basically, if you’re into the whole acoustic punk movement, this is a worthy pick-up. 4/5”



Track listing

1.Following the Leader

2.A Jack of All Trades…

3.Solitary Man

4.It’s My Job to Disappoint

5.Extra Something


7.Haille Sellasse, Up Your Arse

8.Sweatshops and Slaughterhouses

9.’74, ’75

10.My Boss Should Pay Me More

11.Got a Way With Words, Got Away With Murder



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