Alhambre – Entre el Tiempo y la Distancia


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With this new release the band reach a new level in making music and create intelligent and heartful lyrics. You can feel the progression about the old and the new sound of the band. With collaboration of Paroximia, Plug Plug and Bane this 11 tracks have the power, feeling and compromise of a band that turn to be one of the well knows Latin American hardcore treasures.

Track list:

1. Dibujando El Camino

2. Diferente Direcciones

3. Falsa Actitud

4. Hasta Morir

5. Identidad

6. La Mejor Respuesta

7. Orgullo

8. Recuerdos Y Memorias

9. Rompiendo Las Cadenas

10. Territorio

11. Tiempo De Cambiar


Cat #: EnA001

Label: Entes Anomoicos

Release Date: 2011

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