MPF2016: Thank You

We are absolutely blown away by MPF2016. Thank you so much for coming and making it so special. We don’t think we can quite process it all yet.

We can’t really get over how good the event was. There was always going to be minor teething problems and we’re hugely disappointed that the streaming didn’t work out but overall it was a massive success. Seeing so many friends playing to hundreds of people, seeing some of the best bands from home and abroad and being able to bring so many good people together is a feeling that can’t be put in to words. Live music is a wonderful thing.

Huge thank you to all the people that turned up and worked/helped out with things. It’s an event that needs so much help on the day and we’d struggle to do it without you. We’re always gonna forget someone but off the top of my head we’d like to thank Timothy, Lee, Kaz, Phil and Chris for so much help. It’s proper appreciated. On top of that there are the countless people that also helped hand out flyers across the country or told their friends about the festival. If we’ve forgotten anyone then we apologise, it’s been a rough few days.

Also a special thank you to Millie, Samantha, Fizzy and Camilla for their continued support and patience pretty much all year round. They also all put in a massive shift over the festival and before. Putting on so many events and gigs requires so much more time than is realised. The need to always be on the phone, the levels of stress that come with it, the constant worry and moaning about things, we’d find it pretty impossible to handle without you.

Also wanna say thanks and give apologies to Garrett, Lenneke, Daryl, Cam and Marc from Bird Attack for their efforts over the weekend. We hope you still had a good time despite the difficulties.

We know there were some small things that didn’t go perfectly and we always want to improve the festival. Please complete our survey to tell us what you thought. All feedback will be taken on board. As a thank you we will be pick one person at random to win a pair of tickets to MPF2017.

You can find the survey here:

See you next year!