New Black Volvo Album ‘Bad Driving’ – Pre-order Now

It is our pleasure to bring you the second album from Dutch punk rockers Black Volvo. The album is available on vinyl (pink and black) as well as CD. We have very limited stock of the pink vinyl so don’t hang around if you want one!

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Black Volvo continue to blow us away with their fat riffs and all round catchy tunes. With thick riffs, loud bass, solid drums and catchy songs you need to wrap your ears around Black Volvo. Their live shows are entertaining, loud and always played with a laugh.

You can listen to the album track ‘Hanging Johnny’ on our page here: Bandcamp

‘Bad Driving’ was recorded by Tim at Big Dog Recordings in Antwerp. Black Volvo said “the recording sessions where so much fun! And that is what you will hear when you put the record on, 17 punkrock songs to bang your head to and leave you with a smile on your face! We can’t wait to play you all the new songs!”

These songs will easily turn into huge sing-alongs live. Party hard and fists in the air! Bring serpentines!

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“crammed full with insanely catchy riffs that really do cross the genres; punk at its core with but metal elements and a sprinkling of glam vocals…” – Louder Than War

You can catch Black Volvo on tour in the UK in March. Here are the gigs they have coming up:

10-03-2017 – OJC Solution / Hillegom

17-03-2017 – Gebr. de Nobel / Leiden – RELEASE SHOW

22-03-2017 – The Lady Luck / Canterbury (UK)

23-03-2017 – Santiago’s / Leeds (UK)

24-03-2017 – Maguires Pizza Bar / Liverpool (UK)

25-03-2017 – Star & Garter / Manchester (UK)

26-03-2017 – The Smokehouse / Ipswich (UK)

08-04-2017 – JVC de Schuit / Katwijk

26-05-2017 – Patronaat / Haarlem

09-06-2017 – The Wagon & Horses / Birmingham (UK)

10-06-2017 – Private / Manchester (UK)

17-06-2017 – CAB03 / Leiden

29-09-2017 – TBC (UK)

30-09-2017 – Wotsit Called Fest / Hastings (UK)

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Revenge of the Psychotronic Man’s New Album ‘Colossal Velocity’

We are excited to announce that ‘Colossal Velocity’ the new album from Revenge of the Psychotronic Man is available to pre-order now from our webstore! Out on 15th July the album is available on vinyl and CD along with all our usual bundle deals. The vinyl is on two variants; Clear (100) and Sea Blue (200). Don’t hang about if you want the clear vinyl, they will probably shift quickly.

Pre-order the album here.

“I didn’t see The Ramones play in New York and I didn’t see The Clash play in London but in thirty years I can say I did see Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man play in Manchester… with Mr Blobby.” Colin’s Punk Rock World

If you weren’t aware, Manchester band, Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man play stupidly fast punk rock and have been touring all over the UK and mainland Europe for over a decade. Their ‘Make Pigs Smoke’ and ‘Shattered Dreams Parkway’ albums have received critical acclaim from both the underground fanzine circuit and more mainstream publications.

Revenge of the Psychotronic Man

Revenge of the Psychotronic Man

Grab a copy of the album here.

In 2013 the band recorded a Maida Vale session for Radio 1 and also had a track picked by Steve Lamacq in a compilation of his five favourite independent bands of the same year. They are massive supporters of the DIY ethic with all members having put on their own gigs. Bassist/vocalist, Andy Davies co-runs independent punk label TNSrecords and is part of the collective that set up and run Manchester Punk Festival. Guitarist/vocalist, Matt Woods co-runs the popular MBBP live night in Manchester.

Their lyrical content ranges from DIY ethics, supporting local music venues, political ranting, drinking anthems and cult footballers. The band has shared the stage with the likes of Bad Religion and NoMeansNo, whilst racking up around 500 gigs and building a reputation for a high energy live show with huge crowd participation.

Revenge of the Psychotronic Man
Album pre-order


New Album from Faintest Idea: Pre-oder Now

We are incredibly excited to announce that we are releasing the brand new Faintest Idea album, ‘Increasing The Minimum Rage’ on 1st April. It’s available to pre-order now on both vinyl and CD.

We go back such a long way with Faintest Idea. They have played our live events for years and years and are one of a very small number of bands who featured on our volume one compilation who still regularly gig. This will be the third album they have released on TNS. We’ve seen them go from one of the most exciting up and coming UK bands to one of Europe’s most established, relevant and widely regarded ska punk acts.


Thoughtful and well-informed lyrical content is presented in the form of upbeat, dancey yet edgey, two tone fuelled and brass driven punk rock. It is a pleasure to see the crowd reactions that this band regularly receives and it is very much deserved. This album is the first with the current line up and it also features Vic Ruggerio on keys.

Faintest Idea say “the new record sounds heavier both musically and lyrically than our previous releases. With free market capitalism still rampant things don’t look too great for the younger generation. The album is a reflection of the time we find ourselves in, it is the sound of people trying to keep hope in a seemingly bleak future.”

The band will be releasing a series of music videos to coincide with the release and there will be several options for t-shirt/hoodie bundles. It will be available on vinyl (100 pink, 200 translucent green) and CD. There will also be a free dub remix of the album available in around 6 months time. ‘Increasing Minimum Rage’ is available to preorder now from TNSrecords.

Make sure you check out the Faintest Idea facebook page to keep up with all the release info as it’s available.

Go pre-order your copy now, especially if you want to grab one of the vinyl colour variations!

Revenge of the Psychotronic Man vs Bootscraper Split EP

At Strummercamp 2013 Manchester speed punk band, Revenge of the Psychotronic Man and Leeds Aggro-folkers, Bootscraper started discussing the idea of covering each others tracks and putting together a split to document the results.

If you are aware of both bands you will know that their sound is very different, with Revenge of taking fast to a new level and Bootscraper producing a big mix of county, Balkan, punk, sea shanty, rockabilly, bluegrass, folk, gypsy and blues music.

But this divergence of sound made the idea even more interesting and every single band member was on board. Based purely on having released music from each band you can probably guess that here at TNSrecords we were also in to the idea. We are also very much into making sure that ludicrous drunken ideas become reality. This needed to happen!

So 18 months after the idea was born, here are the results. You can pre-order your copy now from the TNSrecords webstore HERE.

Bootscraper have reworked three Revenge tracks and Revenge have sped up and shouted over four Bootscraper tunes. We love it when a plan comes together and we are sure you will also love hearing some original and exciting takes on some much loved tracks. You might have even heard Revenge of playing one of the tracks when they headed to Maida Vale to record a session for Mike Davies Radio One Punk Show.

Unfortunately, since the split has been recorded Bootscaper decided to call it a day playing their last gig at Pie Race Festival in Leeds. So their swan song is this release. What a way to go out.

As usual we have loads of different bundles to check out with hoodies and t-shirts. The EP is available on both CD and vinyl. This is a pre-order for the album, we will be sending it out in time for its release on valentines day. Check them all out in our webstore HERE.

Whilst in the studio Bootscraper also recorded this cover of ‘Whiskey in the Jar’.

The Domestics join the TNS Family – Pre-order their Album

We would like you to welcome The Domestics to the TNSrecords family. Their second album ‘Routine & Ritual’ is now available to pre-order (both vinyl and CD) from the TNS webstore. As usual we have loads of different bundles for you to check out.

The Domestics are at the forefront of the new breed of hardcore punk spewing out of East Anglia (EAHC as the faithful are calling it) – the region that gave birth to Extreme Noise Terror, Raw Noise and The Stupids to name but a few. Mixing elements from the best of the U.S. (Poison Idea, Black Flag, Out Cold, Limp Wrist, Green Beret), Japan (Gauze, Warhead, Kreigshög) and the UK (Discharge, Chaos UK, Violent Reaction), The Domestics end up sounding fresh through the breadth of their influences.

Many of the elements may feel familiar but the overall sound is hard to pin down with any real certainty. They ain’t reinventing the wheel here but I can’t think of another band that sounds quite like them. This is, by some margin, the most obnoxious-sounding record TNS have been involved with so far. Full of hate, hope and hooks (memorable songs and hardcore can go together – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise). Socially aware lyrics tackling frustration, depression, cultural and sub-cultural norms and more add to a album that demands repeated plays – this ain’t no ‘play it and file it’ record.

Oh yeah, I guess while we’re talking this up we should probably mention that Dean Jones from the legendary Extreme Noise Terror guests on ‘Fuck Your War’, brutalizing that track even further. EAHC thunders on…

As you are probably aware, here at TNS we also believe that it is important that bands we release music for support the scene. The Domestics don’t let us down on that front. They put on some great gigs in Ipswich and are also involved in the great Kibou Records.

We are putting out the CD of the album and we are teaming up with some great labels to also release it on 12″s of vinyl. Go and say hello to Imminent Destruction Records, Kibou Records and Orchestrated Dystopia Records.


“The new Ripcord” (One Way Ticket to Cubesville)

“Rampaging hardcore punk that fuses good old straight ahead UK punk with US hardcore. It has a certain Britishness about it, but at the same time there are wider influences to their sound from a variety of eras and countries, but none I could pin down” (Suspect Device)

“Hardcore rooted in early ‘80s American acts like Poison Idea and tough late ‘80s NYHC with a dose of classic UK street punk. Methinks they’ve been around the block once or twice too, as lyrical content deviates from simple “fuck you, I’m punk” fare, opting instead for philosophy, evolution, and other more “grown up” topics” (Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll)

“No slave-mind shackles of taste or stylistic obedience restrain the magnificence of The Domestics’ full throated roar. This is not ‘street-punk’, a confused ball of inchoate resistance and drunken hedonism; this really is a piece of activism, one of the many small self-liberating interventions that make a revolution. This is a fucking weapon” (

Roughneck Riot ‘Out of Anger’ Pre-Order NOW

The brand new album from Roughneck Riot is now available to pre-order from our webstore. The album drops next month and sounds awesome. It is available on both CD and vinyl with different pre-order bundles to check out. There are exclusive album t-shirts and hoodies available. We will also throw in a few goodies as well.  Head HERE to check them out.

We are also going to be including a free TNS release with the first 25 pre-orders so get in quick for an extra special package.

After working on their new album for the last 10 months, ‘Out of Anger’ is nearly ready for your ears. You will be seeing some new videos for the album over the next couple of weeks with a few acoustic versions already about for your listen pleasure. Influenced by traditional Folk music from around the world, Roughneck Riot have been reinventing and rewriting Folk music to make sense to our lives today. They  say that they “write music for people, regardless of race, nationality, age, gender or sexuality. In a country with a government trying to destroy it and a music industry run by money hungry people who couldn’t care less about musicians, we are here as a voice amongst many in the scene ready to be heard.”


“The Roughneck Riot generate a steam-rolling wall of melodic noise that hits you like a right hook. This is contemporary hardcore folk driven by youth and boundless energy. If this lot don’t make you smile then you’re surely deaf or dead!” – R2/Rock’n’Reel Magazine

As with all TNS bands, Roughneck Riot are very active in supporting the underground music scene. They run regular gigs in Warrington and are involved in putting on the great Spannered Festival. The band are always on tour so we’re sure you will be able to catch them in a town near your soon!

Check out the awesome artwork created created by their good friend Matt Frodsham:


Officer Down – Dead Lands Pre-order NOW!

The brand new album from Officer Down is now available to pre-order from our webstore. We are really looking forward to you hearing these tunes, it is a cracking album. We have known these guys for a long time and have always been massive fans. If you haven’t come across them already, their sound is fast-paced punk rock with melodic choruses and a hint of skate punk. As with so many of the TNS bands, they are very active in supporting the scene through their own EHC Records and through EHC Screen Printing.

They are a perfect fit with the TNS principles and what we try to achieve with our label. We’re sure that you will love their music and ethos as much as we do. Officer Down have just come back from their North American tour and will be heading to Europe later in the summer. As you would expect, they are playing across the UK most weekends so if you haven’t had a chance to catch them live you will have plenty of opportunities this year. 

The album is out both on CD and Vinyl. We  have green vinyl that is available exclusively from us. We also have some exclusive pre-order packages available for both formats including t-shirts and hoodies. All orders will also come with a patch and a couple of badges… as well as whatever else we have lying around at the time. Check out the options HERE.

Officer Down Promo


Recent Officer Down released a brand new video for the track Open Waters which is taken of the album. You can check it out below:

What are you waiting for? Get yourself across to the webstore and make you future self happy!

Welcome! New TNS Website.

Welcome to the brand new TNSrecords website! We hope you like it. The site has been a long time in the making but we are finally here. A massive thank you has to go out to Tommy from Pumpkin Web Design for putting it together. He has done an amazing job. If you need a site making, check him out.

Also, thank you for your patience. The new webstore should now be a lot easier to use and we are going to be adding a lot more of our gig stock online over the next few weeks. We are having a 25% sale for the whole of November. Just use the code TNSIS10 when you check out.



We also have two new releases going on pre-order. They are the debut album from the Franceens, Stepford Smiles. and a 7″ from Revenge of the Psychotronic Man which contains the tracks from their Maida Vale season recorded for the Radio One Punk Show. Head over to the webstore section of the website to order your copies.

NO FEALTY’s “In the Shadow of the Monolith’ Pre-Order

We are proud to present “In the Shadow of the Monolith”, the debut full length record by Danish hardcore band NO FEALTY. The physical record will be released on 15th August, with in a limited press of 300 copies on 12” gate-fold vinyl but we only have very limited copies. They are more expensive than our normal releases but this is due to the import costs and the gate-fold vinyl. But we really think that it is worth every penny.

Pre-order your copy HERE.

The album is a DIY-production recorded by the band in Angry Music Studios. Guitarist Tobias has done the mixing and mastering and the artwork for the record. NO FEALTY consider themselves a DIY hardcore band and feel a close affinity to the DIY and punk scene. Live as well as on record they strive to make a chaotic, brutal and aggressive impression, without too much tough guy or breakdown bullshit. The lyrics tend to be critical and politically loaded. If you can hear hints of punk, crust, grind, thrash and metal in the songs alongside elements of hardcore it is probably not that strange.

The album is released collectively through the band’s own label Angry Music Records alongside a range of other great DIY-labels: 5 FeetUnder Records from Denmark, Gheea Music, Swarm of Nails from France, Break the Silence Records from Germany and ourselves in the UK.


NO FEALTY was formed in the end of 2011 after the break up of Tobias’, Jon’s and Jakob’s former band Thought Police Brutality. After including Morten as a new vocalist and Søren (former bass player of Stream City and Hexis) in the band they decided that the time was right for a new start with a new band name and a new identity live as well as on record. However the recording of the tracks for this record was almost finished by then and therefore they decided to record new vocals for all the tracks. In this way the record has been under way for more than 2.5 long years. But all good things comes to those who wait – and work hard – and the band is very proud of the actual outcome.

So what are you waiting for? Pre-order the album on the webstore HERE.

ACiD DROP album – Pre-order NOW!

You can now pre-order the brand new album from rowdy Yorkshire based punk quartet ACiD DROP. You have the option to grab the album on it’s own or with an exclusive t-shirt. Both deals will come with goodies and the first 25 orders will get an exclusive patch.

Head HERE to order your copy NOW!


ACiD DROP put on an explosive live show renowned for crowd participation and a tongue in cheek sense of humour, usually leaving everyone involved disheveled but in want of more. The rowdy Yorkshire based quartet are often compared with the up-tempo skate sounds of Epitaph and Fat Wreck Chords bands with the sing along anthems of Side One Dummy bands, drawing influence from the likes of NOFX, The Briggs, Bad Religion, Flogging molly and Gaslight Anthem with a pinch of The Slackers.

‘The End Of Days’ captures a healthy dose of their live energy and mixing it with thoughtful and inspired song writing, ACiD DROP have created a 4 3/4 inch disc of gut wrenching awesomeness waiting to explode in your ears.