The Shortcuts – Three Birds, One Rock/Tie Their Own Shoelaces


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I’ll let band member Bundie tell the story…..


It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times…..

Towards the end of the 90’s and into the early 2000’s the scene was an odd little place, it was a time when an ’emo kid’ would more than likely be wearing an ill fitting jumper and listening to only the most obscure music they could find, only venturing into the mainstream to attend Weezer concerts. The internet had just started to have an affect on music, albeit only for people on different side of the Atlantic to moan to each other about which bands were cool and which ones were ‘sell outs’, or if you had a spare hour and a half you could download a couple of highly compressed MP3’s from the Fat Wreck website.

As all teenagers of the time did, we formed a band, a band that would bring the scene together, a band that would push boundries and take punk rock in a whole new direction, we would go on to fill stadiums and headline festivals, none of us would have to worry about getting a real job and live a life of luxury, all the while safe in the knowledge that the kids would know we were the real deal and deserved our success, so nobody would think for a second that we had committed the cardinal sin of ‘selling out’, the worst crime imaginable at the time. Unfortunately we were wrong, outside of our own little area we didn’t make much of an impact, we did a couple of really fun tours of the UK and put out a full length and an EP, then inevitably life got in the way.

Before we knew it the dream was over and we hadn’t even reached our mid twenties. Fast forward to 2014, now in our 30’s and all living separate lives a proposal for a gig came our way. The guys that used to run Moreweight Records (the label who released The Short-Cuts) were now running a successful quarerly night in Liverpool called ’10 Bands 10 Minutes’, the premise being to have 10 bands all playing 10 minute sets, each night is themed and bands are required to play a song by a specific artist. An excellent concept and a really good night out. It became apparent we could play again as The Short-Cuts. Three practise’s later we were ready, some of us had a few more cobwebs than the others, one quite literally had to retrieve his instrument from the loft where it had lived untouched since the previous Short-Cuts gig in 2005. Somehow we pulled it off, and we were able to play a somewhat condensed, but solid set.

In order to pick some songs to play we had a listen back to our releases and we were pleasantly surprised, as far as we were concerned the songs still stood up, all the production had been done DIY, (as all bands who couldn’t afford time in a real studio we were very keen to fly the banner of DIY, of course any band that could afford studio time would have been sell outs! ), so what remains is genuinely a document of our adolesance, to paraphrase a more notable musician, we were still really proud of it, warts and all. So, having broken up shortly after pressing the final EP we still have a lot of copies left, TNS have been cool enough to let us put them onto their distro, so they are now available to anyone who has an interest. Check it out if you can, give it a shot, hopefully you’ll get something out of it.

Cheers Bundie.


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