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A long time coming, but now it’s here.  This first vinyl release for the Florida based punk band . A full length LP that is killer start to finish.This Vinyl release is limited to a pressing of 300 copies. 100 on coke bottle clear & 200 on classic black vinyl.

The first 75 pre-orders get the option of coke bottle clear vinyl. We’re saving 25 of the coke bottle clear for the release shows.

DID I MENTION…. That this album cover has a translucent screen print that GLOWS IN THE DARK? You have to look at it with all your lights off to see the detail on the screen print. Kewl Hunh? (fyi) This is only for the vinyl, not for the CD.

Track List:
1. Night Lights
2. Alone Together
3. Bedtime Stories
4. Waking Dream
5. Walk Between The Rain Drops
6. Gazing at Stars
7. Elephant In The Room
8. Full Lunar Cycle
9. Light the Fires
10. How We Turn to Stone
11. Watch The Sun Rise


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