Haest | Christmas | Batwölf | Electric Frankenstein – International Split LP


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What’s better than an LP from a great band? An LP with four great bands with various takes on punk rock n’ roll and hardcore. We have Christmas, Haest, Bätwolf and Electric Frankenstein joining forces to bring you a stacked record. The split will be released on the 9th September, with orders shipped that week.

Way back in 2011, the 16th TNSrcords release was an International Split EP, featuring bands from the UK, USA, Denmark and Sweden. It was a big moment for us, as we’d never dreamed that our little label would attract interest from outside of Manchester, let alone the UK.

Almost one hundred releases later, TNS113 sees us revisiting the idea of an International Split EP, this time on 12” vinyl, featuring two tracks each from Christmas (Germany), Haest (UK), Bätwolf (The Netherlands) and Electric Frankenstein (USA).

Christmas kick of the releases with their fast-paced Zeke-fuelled punk n’ roll. That’s followed by Haest, who bring the pace down a bit with their doomy hardcore punk. Bätwolf were formed out of the ashes of former TNS favourites, Black Volvo and offer two energetic punk n’ roll tunes and Electric Frankenstein, who have been smashing it since the mid-90s, finish things off with their distinctive garage punk rock.
Blatant Ignorance by Christmas features a guest appearance by Andrew Neufeld from Comeback Kid.

The record is pressed on random coloured vinyl and limited to 500 copies.

1. Christmas – Blatant Ignorance (featuring Andrew Neufeld from Comeback Kid) (1:33)
2. Christmas – 54/40 Or Fight (3:34)
3. Haest – You Smell Like You’ve Done Something Illegal (3:03)
4.Haest – This Tired Boat Is Sinking (4:25)

1. Batwolf – Brick For Brick (1:59)
2. Batwolf – Katerina (1:49)
3. Electric Frankenstein – Action High (2:50)
4. Electric Frankenstein – Son Of Sam (5:08)

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