Electric Press – Blinded by Ignorance and Somewhat Hysterical

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Electric Press - Blinded by Ignorance and Somewhat Hysterical (Vinyl)

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Electric Press - Blinded by Ignorance and Somewhat Hysterical (CD)

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We’re excited to bring you the debut album from hardcore punks Electric Press! ‘Blinded by Ignorance and Somewhat Hysterical’ has been two years in the making. As four young people from Leeds, this album is a small but pinnacle snap shot of their journey growing up. The album is available to pre-order now on CD and vinyl. It will be released on the 17th May!

The vinyl is pressed on random colour mix and looks amazing.

“The last two years have been monumental for us all, growing and learning about our place in the world, witnessing and thriving through a global pandemic to start with. Seeing people we love come and go, whilst saying goodbye to a life at university and education; trying to integrate the lessons and experiences into who we are, all whilst trying to navigate and live through a dire economic climate as young adults. This is where Blinded by Ignorance and Somewhat Hysterical takes its inspiration.

The album takes aim at a variety of injustices and grievances we have growing up as youths in today’s world. From the government’s lack of human decency and crimes against the people it was elected to serve as well as the hysteria generated and ingrained into the public, conveyed in our title track “Mass Hysteria” and “Jamestown”. The apathy and neglect the powers that be have on drug use, vilifying those who use instead of aiding, leading to our estates, high streets and city centres filled with people who only need help – “Poison Beauty”. To the crimes and horrors that trans and queer youth face daily, as voiced in our track “Leave the Kids Alone”, whilst it appears the only action the government can take into tackling the assault on our trans and queer population is to ask, “what is a woman?” or to argue the validity on gender expression.

The album also takes an introspective dive into our own reaction to what we see and hear, trying to develop a hard hitting case study on what we as individuals should aim towards, and what not regress to. In our track “Machines” we aim to highlight the increase and dangers of extreme right-wing ideals that we have unfortunately seen infest corners of our local scene, a scene which is and should always be a safe and inclusive place regardless of age, gender, sex, religion or creed. Our melodic yet hard hitting track “Problem” is an appeal for self-reflection and responsibility, that despite the impending sense of doom you read and hear daily, to keep hold of your power and not become your own problem.

Musically this album, has pushed our abilities on all fronts from writing to technical ability. Moving away from just one sound, with what we have learned over the years we wanted to showcase what we can do and hopefully… what we will do. The album takes inspiration from a variety of hardcore and nu metal acts such as Turnstile, Deftones, Limp Bizkit, Early Slipknot, System of a Down, Knocked Loose, Nine Inch Nails, the list could go on and on. Our excitement only grows more and more with each day that comes closer to play these songs to you all. We want to thank Andy and Bev at TNS for the support and love they’ve given us, not only with this album but since the day we met them.”

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Electric Press - Blinded by Ignorance and Somewhat Hysterical (Vinyl)

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Electric Press - Blinded by Ignorance and Somewhat Hysterical (CD)

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