Buff – Sites Squats and Towerblocks LP


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“Buff have been working on their craft for some time now and with a stable settled line up are ready to unleash their debut album. Oh, yea, it happens to be a triumph.

Essentially a live band the question was always if they’d be able to translate their cosmic anarchy to the studio recording. They found their unique groove a while ago, the various influences have amalgamated into a whole. The music has a dualistic quality with its feet on the ground and head in the cosmos searching for the mothership. A rock solid rythmn section, inventive guitar with just a hint of doom and concious lyrics delivered with urgency all provide a solid foundation overlaid and punctuated with trippy electronics. Comparisons aren’t really appropriate but if forced, think of Culture Shock jamming with Hawkwind.

These Space Punks have always delivered, live they nail it and now we have a recording that does justice to what they are all about. The band are at the peak of their powers so far and their popularity is growing. Storming festival performances have them in demand and booked for gigs that are months away. The live show is their forte but thankfully the forthcoming album is truly representative.”

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