Beat The Red Light – S/T

Beat The Red Light


Cat: TNS009
Format: CD
Released: 2010

“Quite special, and it’ll get you skanking, slamming, and headbanging all at the same time!” Maximum Rock n’ Roll

A re-release of the debut EP from High Wycombe 8 piece ska-metal outfit, Beat the Red Light. After being blown away by their live show we wanted to get this CD (which they originally self released) out to more people, whilst waiting for the new album to arrive. Slayer vs. The Slackers sounds ridiculous but it really, really works. You need to hear this!

“It’s like Capdown if they wore Cannibal Corpse shirts” Mass Movement

“A proper brilliant EP, recorded by the legend that is Iain Wetherall. A must buy for sure.” Mild Peril

“Suprisingly melodic and always sophisticated it’s the best TNS release so far.” Ice Cream for Quo