Wonk Unit’s Nervous Racehorse on Vinyl

We have already released Wonk Unit’s first 3 albums on vinyl. You will not be surprised that we are now releasing their fourth album ‘Nervous Racehorse’ on vinyl. This is the first Wonk Unit album we released back in March 2014. Our copies of the splatter won’t be around for long so don’t hang about! Pre-order the record here.

Discussing the album, Alex from Won Unit said this was a “big watershed moment in the life of Wonk Unit was Nervous Racehorse. So there we were, minding our own business when those nice people from TNS asked if we wanted to release our 4th record with them. And didn’t it just bring us to a wider audience and expand our Northern family. Yes it did! Racehorse was Muffy on steroids. Some classic tunes on this one. Go Easy, Lewisham, Nan, Nagging wife. The list goes on. Racehorse was the album when we perfected the Wonk formula and when hit our stride.”

Vinyl pre-order: http://bit.ly/2yaDrOJ
Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2fwgVsu
Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/2w51NsC

Wonk Unit are one of the most unique bands in punk rock today, with an incredibly eclectic mix of sounds, which it would impossible to describe; you just need to hear it. The almost poetry driven vocal style adds to the band’s originality. The catchy melodies are so memorable that you will be singing along for days.

“One of the most unique bands in modern punk rock. Wonk Unit are a fresh breath of life in the London punk scene. They’re fun, weird, poetic and utterly compelling all at once, a must-see.” Art Rocker

“[Wonk Unit] have managed the almost impossible task of having found their own sound. It’s punk son, but not as we know it”. Eugene Butcher (Big Cheese)

Wonk Unit are heading out on tour with Aerial Salad across the UK in November. Check out the dates below…

Translucent red w/ green splatter – 100
Brown – 200
Orange – 300
Cream – 400

Find out more about Wonk Unit on facebook.

Matilda’s Scoundrels ‘As The Tide Turns’ Pre-Order

The wait is over! Matilda’s Scoundrels debut album is here. Formed in 2014, Matilda’s Scoundrels are a 6 piece folk punk unit from Hastings. They’ve been building a solid reputation up and down the country over the past year and supporting the likes of The Levellers, Ferocious Dog, The Mahones, The Rumjacks and The Goddamn Gallows.

Blending traditional punk instruments with accordion, mandolin, tin whistle and gravelly vocals makes for an exciting mix of music which has had hundreds of bodies moving, feet tapping and beer flowing. Their album ‘As The Tides Turns’ is out on 8 September on Vinyl and CD. We also have an exclusive pre-order t-shirt available.

Pre-order your copy HERE. The first 25 vinyl pre-order get a limited edition spray painted and screen printed mailer! Be quick.

This is what the band had to say about the album. “As The Tide Turns has been a labor of love for all of us as a band for over 8 months from initially recording it to getting it all finished and we couldn’t be happier with what we managed to achieve. This album offers a few party tunes to get you in the mood for drinking with your mates but it also offers so much more with us having written about our experiences in the Calais Jungle through to protest songs inspired by people marching against all manner of issues to the massive injustices being experienced the world over by privatised penal systems and so much more.

It’s an album we feel is about the times we live in right now and about the opportunity to change the direction that all this crazy shit is going into a positive future which is what inspired the album name which itself we felt was the feel of the album from the songs we have written for it over the last 2 years. We hope you all enjoy it as much as we did writing it all and we can’t wait for you all to hear it!”

“Angry pissed off folk-punk that will have you shaking your fist as well as tapping your feet.”
London Celtic Punks

“All you want to do when you hear it is throw yourself around in a sweaty gig venue.”
Shot In The Foot

Vinyl pressing:
Translucent Yellow (100)
White (200)

Pre-order your copy HERE.

New Album from The Domestics

We’re very excited to bring you a brand new album from The Domestics! What an album. If you like your hardcore you really need this in your life. The album is available on gold, silver and bronze vinyl! It looks stunning. Pre-order it now from our webstore. It’s out on the 4th August, we will be posting them out that week.

Pick up a copy here – https://www.tnsrecords.co.uk/?product_cat=tns-releases

Cherry Blossom Life is the third album from East Anglian hardcore bruisers, THE DOMESTICS. This record sees them drawing evermore on their Japanese, Swedish and USHC influences, integrating them further into their already ferociously defined sound.

It’s fast, it’s rabidly pissed off, but it’s not just another formula hardcore record. Check some of the lyrical themes here – from philosophical musings on the concept of love (and how it’s sold to us) to the plight of migrants exploited by employers in destination countries; from notions of authenticity in punk, domestic violence, the purging of destructive familial ties and the usual dose of loathing (self and otherwise). And that’s just for starters.

Cherry Blossom Life is a more musically stripped-down record than its predecessor, Routine & Ritual, now that the band has pared down to a four piece, but this seems only to have focused their rage across these 17 tracks all the more.

Previously compared to the likes of classic hardcore outfits such as OUT COLD, GAUZE, NEGATIVE APPROACH, RIPCORD, FORWARD, POISON IDEA and BLACK FLAG, alongside more contemporary exponents like GREEN BERET, CAREER SUICIDE and KOWARD, U.S. punk bible, MAXIMUM ROCK ‘N’ ROLL described their last album as “Stellar…if you’re gonna play hardcore don’t fuck around. THE DOMESTICS got the memo…pissed beyond belief”. Stalwart UK punk zine SUSPECT DEVICE described them as “one of the UK’s finest punk bands” whilst New Zealand’s’ SCANNER refers to them as “brutal hardcorecaustic yet intelligent”.  It remains to be seen what people make of this record, but take it from me, it fucking rips!

Frontman, James Domestic, talking about the new record, says “This really is the culmination of the six years that this band has existed and for the first time, rather than simply being a recording of all the new songs we had, it was actually written as an album.  The flow and the dynamics of the whole thing was considered right from the start. I mean, in the main, it’s the fastest record we’ve made –but there are peaks and troughs.  We’re not a one trick pony y’know?

Asked about what he thinks THE DOMESTICS bring to the crowded hardcore table, James has this to say: “One thing we’re always keen on is proper, catchy, memorable songs. There’s tons of great hardcore all over the world but the stuff I like best has speed, intensity and really great songs.  Riffs and shouting is all well and good, but if you have good songs within that too, it means that a record, can have longevity and connection…it’ll still sound great in ten years or twenty years time and messages carry better if a song is memorable; if people come and see you play and are singing along that’s just the best thing for us. It feels like the communication of ideas – political, social or personal – is all the richer”.

Pick up a copy HERE.

We’ve also joined up with several labels to release a new covers 7″ from the Domestics. Pissing on Perfection is a six song 7” E.P. on ‘piss splatter’ vinyl. It features six DOMESTIC-ated versions of songs by other bands, all of whom are band favourites or – in the majority of cases – are a direct influence on THE DOMESTICS’ sound. From Japanese hardcore legends, GAUZE, to post-punk contrarians, THE FALL (via tracks by ANGRY SAMOANS, OUT COLD, RUDIMENTARY PENI and THE FIVE STRING DROPOUT BAND) there’s quite a variety here, all done in the trademark DOMESTICS style. East Anglian Hardcore roots!


27/08: T. Chances, London, UK (FUK Reddin Fest)

28/08: Vrankrijk, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

29/08: TBC

30/08: Underwerkt, Copenhagen (Denmark)

31/08: Blitz, Oslo (Norway)

01/08: Snövit, Stockholm (Sweden)

02/08: venue tbc, Gothenburg (Sweden)

04/08: TBC

05/08: kÖpi , Berlin (Germany)

06/08: stÖ, leipzig (germany)

07/08: The Pit’s, Kortrijk (Belgium)


Pre-order Grand Collapse’s new album ‘Along The Dew’ now

We are incredibly excited to bring you the second album from Cardiff’s hardcore punks Grand Collapse. ‘Along The Dew’ does not disappoint and perfectly follows on from the bands frantic debut ‘Far From The Callous Crowd’. ‘Along The Dew’ delivers everything you want from Grand Collapse; it’s aggressive with loads of energy, massive riffs and non-stop. The album is available to pre-order now  on vinyl and CD and will be dispatched the week of it’s release on 19th May!

This is what the band have to say about the album. “We’ve spent the last three years touring the Far From The Callous Crowd record to death so at the beginning of 2016 we thought it about time we cracked on with making a new album. Writing and performing new songs was a breath of fresh air and we were excited to capture it in the studio. On reflection I think this album is more chaotic and aggressive than the first. It has a lot of energy, a ton of riffs and is unrelenting in pace. Topically I’ve covered the DSEI arms fair, our trial against the UKBA, the convenient death of Luciano Ponzetto & the harrowing nature of domestic abuse. The title track, Along the Dew, is a fictional short story about a fallen huntsman struggling through the wintry earth and being chewed by woodland creatures. Happy stuff like that. We’re really happy with this effort, which is saying something because we’re a bunch of pedantic bastards when it comes to this stuff.”

As with their debut album, the artwork is a woodcut print made by the amazing artist John Abell. To find out more about him, head to his website.

Pre-order now

Make sure you check out Grand Collapse during their upcoming tour in May and June. Here are the dates;

Have a listen to Grand Collapse’s debut album below.

Pre-order ‘Angst’ the New Album from kollapse Now

We’re excited to bring you the new album from our Danish friends kollapse. We’ve teamed up with 15 other labels to bring you this awesome “eclectic mix of melodic doom riffs, epic crust, dark emo, and personal narratives”. Both the blue and black variants of the record have UV coating. We don’t have many copies so if you want one, especially the blue, don’t hang about. You can pre-order your copy here.

This is what the band has to say about the album. “The album is the culmination of several years of work, a harvesting of stress and adversity and the challenge of forging something abstract into a coherent expression. For the band “Angst” is about communication something that is real in a culture that is shallow and dispensable. Feelings of isolation, being broken mentally and socially and the distinct coldness of living in Scandinavia fuels the fires of kollapse. “Angst” is all about the beauty in the harsh and the ugly. Standing firmly on the side of the outsider.”

kollapse started jamming around 2012 with the intention of uniting the members’ love of various heavy music. After a DIY 10″ the band grew into a more honed and personal sound, and released a split 7″ with Copenhagen-based crusty hardcore band No Fealty. kollapse in the present is an eclectic mix of melodic doom riffs, epic crust, dark emo, and personal narratives. The band aim to create a pure, authentic and brutally honest expression.

With a producer in line, that understood the band and its direction, the recording process manifested a darker, heavier, and more focused sound, with songs that vary between slow lurches to fast and ferocious. The lyrics on the new album deal with anxiety, loss, freedom, suicide, death, and upbringing as underlying themes. kollapse recorded ANGST together with producer Jacob Bredahl in the spring of 2016.

The album is mastered by Brad Boatright (Nails, Cult Leader, Magrudergrind, Modern Life is War, among others), and the album is being released by 16 different DIY record labels around Europe.

Heavy cover, reverse board print with spot varnish
Heavy insert with lyrics and liner notes

Blue vinyl edition limited to 201 copies
Black vinyl edition limited to 513 copies


Wonk Unit’s ‘Muffy’ On Pre-order Now

We are excited to bring you Wonk Unit’s third album ‘Muffy’ on vinyl for the first time. We have pressed it on three lovely colours; Purple, Blue & Red. The album will be out in time for Wonk Unit’ European tour on the 5th May.

Pre-order the album HERE. 

Muffy is Wonk’s third album. Here is what Alex, Mr Wonk himself, has to say about the release:

“Muffy was a real watershed moment in the career of Wonk Unit. Christmas Eve 2011 I think. Home alone, I remember opening my laptop and reading through old poems and stories on my blog ‘Cement You Cunt’. Could I write music to poetry?  Worth a try. On finding ‘Horses’ I starting tinkering with chords and within a few minutes, the song was born. ‘Pon the scaffold the wind cuts through’ quickly followed.  ‘Elbows’, ‘Go Easy’, ‘She cut her finger’, ‘Plasterer’, ‘Donkey of the Damned’ and pretty much 75 percent of the rest of ‘Muffy’ was written that evening. It was a revelation in songwriting to me. The words were already there, the lyrical content was strong. The buzz I got from bringing those poems to life, a total joy!  The funnest creative process ever.
This is now how I write songs. Poetry first, music later. Both ‘Nervous Racehorse’ and ‘Mr Splashy’ were written this way too. Possibly a reason for Wonk’s diversity as some of that poetry spans a decade. Different moods, different feels.”

Some of the colour variations are like to go quickly so don’t hang about if you want one.

Pre-order the album HERE. 

Debut Throwing Stuff Album ‘Fit, Fine & Well’ Pre-Order

We’re really excited to bring you the debut album from Throwing Stuff! This is hardcore at it’s finest and is sure to be a contender for album of the year. The album is out on the 7th April in time for MPF2017 and the bands tour with Clowns. We have t-shirts and tote bags available exclusively for the pre-order!

The first 25 vinyl pre-orders will get a limited edition record with the b-side spray painted. Be quick or you will miss out! Pre-order the album HERE. Check out an album track on bandcamp HERE.

Throwing Stuff are a four-piece hardcore punk band based out of Manchester, England by way of London and Liverpool. Taking influence from the likes of Minor Threat, Paint it Black and Cold Ones, they play a fast, thrashy, no-nonsense punk that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but won’t shy away from the serious issues.

Fit, Fine & Well is Throwing Stuff’s debut LP. The title comes from the final line of the album closer, Father’s Day. A song about vocalist Ben’s experiences coping with his dad’s terminal, stage four brain tumour over the last year. Throughout his dad’s life, “fit, fine and well” has been the stock response to anyone who asked him how he was. Eighteen months on from diagnosis and two operations later, he still says he’s “fit, fine and well” as he battles what’s going on his head. Father’s Day is as honest and raw as Throwing Stuff have ever been lyrically, unrelenting and intense in the two minutes it lasts.

“I Know What’s Best”, a song about Ben’s mental health struggles in the last year, and Hangxiety, a thrashy number on the anxiety-ridden perils of getting battered, continue the Throwing Stuff’s more bleak, introspective shift compared to their earlier material.

When they’re not dabbling with doom and gloom, Throwing Stuff are usually angry about something. Whether that’s the trade in rhino horns (The Hunter), David Cameron’s leadership (We Wrote This Song Before David Cameron Resigned), the pitfalls of evolution (Whatever Made You Think that Paper Was So Valuable?) or genocide (The Butcher).

Due for release on April 7th, just in time for their trip around the UK with Aussie punk n’ rollers, Clowns, Fit, Fine & Well is a collection of songs that span almost the entire existence of the band, from the first practice right up to the studio floor.

Pre-order the album HERE.

Upcoming shows:
21st April – Manchester Punk Festival. Sound Control, Manchester
23rd April – The Lughole, Sheffield (with Clowns)
24th April – Maguires, Liverpool (with Clowns)
25th April – The Owl Sanctuary, Norwich (with Clowns)
26th April – The Junction, Plymouth (with Clowns)
27th April – Quadrant, Brighton (with Clowns)
28th April – Urban Bar, London (with Clowns)

New Black Volvo Album ‘Bad Driving’ – Pre-order Now

It is our pleasure to bring you the second album from Dutch punk rockers Black Volvo. The album is available on vinyl (pink and black) as well as CD. We have very limited stock of the pink vinyl so don’t hang around if you want one!

Head to our webstore to pick up a copy!

Black Volvo continue to blow us away with their fat riffs and all round catchy tunes. With thick riffs, loud bass, solid drums and catchy songs you need to wrap your ears around Black Volvo. Their live shows are entertaining, loud and always played with a laugh.

You can listen to the album track ‘Hanging Johnny’ on our page here: Bandcamp

‘Bad Driving’ was recorded by Tim at Big Dog Recordings in Antwerp. Black Volvo said “the recording sessions where so much fun! And that is what you will hear when you put the record on, 17 punkrock songs to bang your head to and leave you with a smile on your face! We can’t wait to play you all the new songs!”

These songs will easily turn into huge sing-alongs live. Party hard and fists in the air! Bring serpentines!

Head to our webstore to pick up a copy!

“crammed full with insanely catchy riffs that really do cross the genres; punk at its core with but metal elements and a sprinkling of glam vocals…” – Louder Than War

You can catch Black Volvo on tour in the UK in March. Here are the gigs they have coming up:

10-03-2017 – OJC Solution / Hillegom

17-03-2017 – Gebr. de Nobel / Leiden – RELEASE SHOW

22-03-2017 – The Lady Luck / Canterbury (UK)

23-03-2017 – Santiago’s / Leeds (UK)

24-03-2017 – Maguires Pizza Bar / Liverpool (UK)

25-03-2017 – Star & Garter / Manchester (UK)

26-03-2017 – The Smokehouse / Ipswich (UK)

08-04-2017 – JVC de Schuit / Katwijk

26-05-2017 – Patronaat / Haarlem

09-06-2017 – The Wagon & Horses / Birmingham (UK)

10-06-2017 – Private / Manchester (UK)

17-06-2017 – CAB03 / Leiden

29-09-2017 – TBC (UK)

30-09-2017 – Wotsit Called Fest / Hastings (UK)

Head to our webstore to pick up a copy!


TNS January Sale!

We have some big plans for 2017. We already have loads of releases lined up and we’re really excited about how the year is shaping up. But this means that we need clear some storage space and get funds together to pay for the pressing. So we are having a massive January sale.

We have loads of TNSrecords releases reduced by up to 75% in the sale section of the webstore. You can also now get 20% off everything in the webstore using the code ‘tnsjansale17‘ right up to the end of January.

As always, all money raised from the sale will go straight back into the label and help us put out some great underground punk records. Without your support we couldn’t keep doing what we do.

If you could help spread the word that would be really appreciated!

A Year In The Life Of TNSrecords – 2016

It’s that time of year when people start writing their reviews of the year. It’s been a fairly busy old year for TNS so we thought we’d take the opportunity to recap what has probably been our most successful year to date.

It’s safe to say we started it as we meant to go on. With complete chaos. We hosted a New Year’s Eve party at Gulliver’s in Manchester. Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man went onstage at 11.30, then stopped at 11.55 for everyone to have a complimentary shot of Jagermeister (cheers Steffi Price) before bursting into a suitably ramshackle version of Auld Lang Syne, before finishing the remainder of the set. It’s safe to say that human pyramids and walls of death are a great way to start any year.

We were back at Gulliver’s later that month for our last TNS gig for the forseeable future. It was a TNS all-dayer, headlined by Faintest Idea. After our 10 Year Anniversary gig in 2014 we had decided to get others involved (our good friends at Moving North and Anarchistic Undertones) and use the April date we had traditionally used for the TNS birthday gig for Manchester Punk Festival. Whilst MPF is something we are exceptionally proud of it’s also a ridiculous amount of work. We realised that evening that we were definitely spreading ourselves too thin by trying to do everything. For the same reasons that our zine is currently in hiatus and that our podcast is infrequent right now, something else had to give.

We felt that by putting the TNS gigs into hiatus we would have more time to spend on the label and MPF, so as we were packing up after the gig we decided a break was needed. It was a hard decision, but we’re sure we will be back one day and Manchester certainly isn’t short of amazing punk promoters. We’re not sure we are really even leaving a gap. We want putting on a gig to be something we’re excited about rather than something that is forced. Quite simply, you just can’t do everything. We all have so many amazing memories from the 12 years of TNS gigs and for that reason, we certainly think this is an extended break rather than stopping forever. We’ll see.

As well as being the last band to play a TNS gig, Faintest Idea were also our first release of a busy year. ‘Increasing The Minimum Rage’ is their third TNS album and their finest release to date, showcasing their two-tone infused street ska sound perfectly. Many positive reviews followed and their live shows are attracting more and more people every time. 2017 could be a huge year for them.

2016 also saw us releasing new full length albums for Stoj Snak, Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man, Wonk Unit and Pizzatramp. We also had a couple of collectively released 7”s from Matilda’s Scoundrels and Shot! as well as continuing to release the Wonk Unit back catalogue on vinyl for the first time. Their second album, ‘Trolleys – Thank You’ was our second of the reissues series. Our very good friend from Denmark, Stoj Snak released his Screamer/Songwriter album. This is folk punk at its very best! We are delighted he’s going to be playing at MPF in 2017.

‘Colossal Velocity’ by Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man was the bands third on the label. It also received a fantastic critical response (it was the first TNS release to be reviewed in Kerrang!, getting a great 4K review). Clocking in 17 tracks in just over 20 minutes you’d expect fast and angry music, you’d be right!

Wonk Unit have had an absolutely incredible year, with many tours, including playing huge venues alongside Slaves. Their ‘Mr Splashy’ album is an instant classic, combining punk, indie, ska and many other sounds to make a truly original sound. We can’t wait to see what 2017 holds for this band as they continue to tour constantly.

Pizzatramp are a new band to the TNS roster. We saw them for the first time this year and were blown away by their fast, aggressive and riff driven punk rock. We are so happy to have added them to the TNS family. Again, next year could be huge for these guys.

We also co-released a couple of excellent 7”s for bands that were new to the label. Matilda’s Scoundrels play superb folk punk and are currently recording their debut album. London’s Shot! play an awesome and distinctive blend of hardcore and punk n’ roll. Both bands will also be gracing the MPF stages in 2017.

We have also continued to distro music and zines from all over the world. It’s certainly not just about our own releases. We have some amazing music in the distro right now. Due to time and money restraints we can’t release every band we love but hopefully we can help a few more people to hear their music.

In April we had the second ever Manchester Punk Festival. We were absolutely over the moon that it sold out ahead of the festival. It really couldn’t have gone much better. Every band had a great crowd and everyone seemed to have an incredible time. It was amazing seeing DIY bands playing to huge audiences. It really is awesome what can be achieved when like-minded people work together, pooling their resources and ideas. We are well on with plans for 2017.

Next year’s MPF is set to be even bigger and better. It absolutely blows our minds that we have booked bands like Paint It Black and Strike Anywhere. Not only are these legendary bands that we are huge fans of, they are also bands who really get the DIY ethos of the festival. The future of MPF is something we are incredibly excited by. We hope you can join us in 2017.

The DIY scene in general seems to be going from strength to strength. We’ve all been to/played so many amazing gigs this year and there are absolutely incredible individual scenes in so many places. It’s so cool to see how many people are supporting DIY bands, gigs and labels. Long may it continue! We were going to make a list of small gigs and festivals people should check out but that would do a disservice to any that we miss. Just find out what local gigs are happening near you, get out and support them. You will not be disappointed.

We have so much planned for 2017 already. We already have several releases already lined up that you will hear about very soon. We really hope you can join us for a huge party at MPF.

In February/March we’ll be doing a big TNS showcase tour with Wonk Unit, Roughneck Riot, Revenge Of… and Faintest Idea playing a series of dates across the UK. In the true spirit of DIY gigs we believe that every band on the bill should be supported. So we won’t be announcing the running orders until the gig actually starts. Get down early. It’s all going to be a lot of fun. We hope you can join us for the ride.

TNS would like to say a massive thanks to every single person who has supported what we do over the past 12 months. We really couldn’t exist without you. We do all this in our spare time alongside full time jobs. So many people help out with what we do. We hope you know how much we appreciate your time and effort.

Please keep supporting DIY music. Every single sale makes a difference to a label like TNS. Every single person through the door at a DIY event makes it viable for that event to happen.