Casual Nausea release their Demons

We’re very excited to bring you the debut album the deranged punk rock family Casual Nausea. The Ipswich punks are best described as The Restarts meets Gogol Bordello. This is a 19 track record that fully captures the raw energy of their live shows, combining snotty hardcore, street punk and pop-punk with tinges of country and folk-ish circus fuckery.

The album will be released at MPF2019 on the 19th April. The first 50 pre-orders will receive a limited edition screen printed sick bag!! Across 19 tracks the subjects cover working pointless jobs and general pressures of society, along with a few uplifting tunes celebrating the DIY punk scene, and some self deprecating songs thrown in for good measure.

“2018 was not kind to us, in fact it had some kind of personal vendetta against us. There were countless van issues, a self-inflicted stab wound, and a general feeling that we had severely pissed off some kind of higher deity, yet somehow with our wonderful punk rock friends we managed to pull things together and make an album that we think fully reflects us as a band. Literal blood sweat and tears has been put into this monstrosity of a record, we are very proud of it and we hope you enjoy it!”