A blood, sweat and tears melodic punk rock band from the bleak east coast of Scotland.

Uniforms are a DIY punk rock band from Dundee, Scotland formed in 2011.


UNIFORMS are a blood, sweat and tears melodic punk rock band from the bleak east coast of Scotland. The beating heart of cowpunk, UNIFORMS formed in summer 2011 and have played 300+ shows across the UK, US + EU, releasing a slew of EPs and splits since 2011, although we’re still awaiting the elusive debut full-length. Despite line-up changes, life, death, love, hate, collapse, resurrection, chaos and everything that has followed with it, the beating heart remains!


“In terms of bringing a very retro sound into the twenty first century, Uniforms do do with guts, enthusiasm and some hefty boots.” Real Gone Rocks

“Uptempo, melodic punk rock anthems that come with all the heart-on-sleeve type lyrics and gruff and gritty vocals you can ask for. You know, the kind of cuts that will have you singing along in no time, fists in the air.” Punk Rock Theory

“The lyrics, and music seem to tell a story and I love what I hear. This record should be listened to via vinyl. The band has this very familiar sound, yet remains entirely new. The only con of the EP, would be the fact it’s an EP. So make sure you pick up some previous releases to the music doesn’t have to stop there.” Colorado Punk Rock Army

“Most fragments of any punk rock scene at some point or other have been in a band, a DIY band, because there was no other way to do it. Some do well, some outgrow their surroundings but most get pissed off eventually with the grind of long working weeks, weekend shows that sap all your energy and “peace” time, and most of all using your annual holiday entitlement to go on tour. It takes a lot out of you, it takes a lot out of your personal life and commitments and for most, as time drags on, its just not feasible anymore. Some however, a select few, will take all of that experience and see what they can make of it. Share the thoughts as a vehicle for their sanity and survival amongst the often bleak surroundings of modern living. It becomes almost the one 1 constant in life. You will always question whether there is any point in battling on with it, but plugging in and playing a show brings it all back to fruition, above all else, this is a love of an art form and the belief that someone somewhere listening “gets it” and will take something positive from what you are doing. Young punks should pick this up as a lesson in how to do it right, old/seasoned punks should pick this up as you will feel you know it well, like an old friend, you will undoubtedly know how these guys feel and want to share their next show with them. I sincerely hope that you do. Stirring stuff.” Punk News