No stage is too big for Nosebleed to get in your face and bring the show directly to the crowd.

Nosebleed are a three piece Garage Rock n Roll band from Leeds, known for their suited and booted energetic live shows and a relentless touring schedule. If you’ve been to a gig in the last 6 years they’ve probably been on the line up, from small DIY venues up and down the country to large children’s festivals rubbing shoulders with Dick & Dom and Napalm Death.


Over the last six years Nosebleed have established themselves as a “live” band, touring up and down the country and across Europe week in week out, taking only short breaks for childbirth. Though the lineup has changed over the years, the live show has not, with no stage too big for Nosebleed to get in your face and bring the show directly to the crowd. The band has been invariably described as “the best live band in the UK” (Sarah Williams, Shout Louder) and deliver a ‘must see to be believed’ live show everywhere they play, whether it be 30 capacity cellar venues or 5,000 capacity festival stages.

The band released their debut album ‘Scratching Circles on the Dancefloor’ on TNS in 2018, produced by Andy Hawkins at the Knave in Leeds, bringing their live sound to wax after years of self releasing short run EPs. ‘Scratching Circles’ captures the raw, energetic live sound of the band in 22 minutesbut the band are no one trick pony. From recording jazz versions of their first EP, to covering hip hop tracks, and taking in some genre tourism with do-wop versions of Bob Dylan songs & throwing in some surf, disco and ballads in their recent recording sessions, the band are no strangers to experimenting musically. With their second album “Dance with the Devil” recorded and set for release in 2021, and the release of their cover of “Train In Vain” as a charity single for The Joe Strummer Foundation in May 2020, the band are proving they can record just as relentlessly as they tour.

Formed in 2014, Nosebleed are Eliott Verity – Guitar and Vocals, Ben Hannah – Bass and Vocals, and Rich Myers (henceforth known as Dicky Riddims) – Drums.


“If you do not want 22 minutes of solid gold hits then Nosebleed are not the band for you.” Shout Louder

“I believe in the redemptive power of rock ‘n’ roll but, just occasionally, I need a reminder of how righteous it can be. This album delivers that and then some.” Outline Online

“It’s not often that I go to a gig to photograph a headline act and end up being blown away by the support band instead.” 50 Third and Third

“Ask any one one in the punk scene who to check out lately and you will unanimously be told to go see Leeds trio ‘Nosebleed” Broken Arrow Magazine

“Quite simply the album is a garage punk classic, indeed a rock ‘n’ roll masterclass from a band surely about to take national attention by the scruff of its neck.” Ringmaster