We’re very excited to announce that ALLDEEPENDS are joining the TNSrecords family to release their new album NO SHALLOW ENDS. The album will be out in September, we’ll have a few new tunes for you in the build-up.

ALLDEEPENDS is a genre bending, fiercely unique three-piece band and artist collective based in Dundee, Scotland. The member’s wide ranging backgrounds are audible in the stylistic left-turns and homages found in every song. Despite this variety, the music is granted a sonic consistency as the band wrings every possibility out of their limited palette of frenetic jazz drums, expressive bass, and claw hammer banjo. Over this, intricate, impressionistic and personal prose are shouted, demanding to be analyzed and understood.

NO SHALLOW ENDS (a take off on the pun of the band name) is the band’s 2nd full length release and is a clear marker of evolution and growth as artists. Tackling subjects more candidly and directly than ever before, techniques from different styles of music are used to elevate the song’s subject and grant them greater context. From gender & sexuality, atherogenic apocalypse, transgressive joy and introspective loss, a clear voice and perspective are made in an incredibly dense release. Your new favorite punk-folk-hiphop-neo-oldtime-jazz-powerviolence post-everything album is coming soon. 

ALLDEEPENDS start a short UK tour today. Check out all the dates below.

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