Waltzing Matilda’s Scoundrels

Matidla's Scoundrels playing live in Hastings.

Despite currently being on a hiatus (they got in there before it was cool), Hastings folk punk heroes Matilda’s Scoundrels have managed to an awesome new 7” EP ‘The Devil’s Dues‘. We caught up with Dan and Jason to discuss, new music, the pandemic, side projects and old Swedish films.

TNS: I hear you guys are on a hiatus at the moment. Want to tell us about that?

Jason: We decided after over 5 years of non stop gigging we needed a break. We haven’t put a limit on it as such really, we aren’t likely to make any appearances this year at the very least following the lockdown easing. We are very much playing it by ear.

Dan: I can’t see us gigging at all in 2021 but we may get back together and finish up writing album two, but we’ll see how the year goes.

TNS: You have a new 7” inch out though right?

Jason: We certainly do. We recorded the songs back when we did the album but they didn’t really fit in with the rest so were left unmixed collecting dust over the last few years.

Dan: I found them during the first lockdown whilst on furloughed, we sent them over to Ben Hannah at The Organworks to get them mastered. It’s great that they finally see the light of day.

Jason: I re-recorded the vocals at home for Buckets Of Blood. Apart from that I think the rest is all original from 2016/17.

TNS: What are the two new songs about and how would you describe them?

Jason: Buckets Of Blood was started by Jens who wrote all the melodies and lyrics then we all wrote our own little bits and worked it in to the finished song. It’s inspired by an old Swedish film called the Seventh Seal. I actually watched it during the first lockdown because we were working on releasing it and it’s very good film. Jousting Crowd was really similar except Quinn started it with the bones of the song and wrote the lyrics and then we all added bits to get it finished. It’s a funny song really started from an in joke with the band about if fishing is classed as a sport then jousting should be as well and that’s kind of how this happened.

TNS: Some of you have been busy with different projects recently, can you tell us about these?

Jason: I have been busy with my solo Blue Moon Band stuff. I released my new EP Locked Doors and Lost keys in February of this year. I’m currently writing an album that I would like to release next year, so yeah busy busy.

Dan: I’ve had a bunch of things on the go. Haest released an album a month or so before covid happened. We have managed to write another album which is ready to record when we can. Knife Club also released our first album and a lockdown EP during various lockdowns in 2020. We also had all our first gigs cancelled. Plus during this current lockdown I got a new project together with James (Matilda’s Scoundrels) and James from The Domestics, which should be out this year.

TNS: What sort of impact has the Pandemic had on Matilda’s Scoundrels?

Dan: Some people think there’s some conspiracy with us taking a break and then the pandemic happening.

Jason: I think it has been generally the same as everyone else, not being able to see friends and do all the things you enjoy. The best bit has been the wild conspiracies circulating online about us taking a break and then the lockdowns starting, that was quite funny.

Dan: The pandemic hasn’t really effected us band wise because we weren’t going to be doing anything anyway. I guess releasing ‘The Devil’s Dues’ EP was a bonus.

TNS: How do you feel the music community will bounce back from the Pandemic?

Jason: I would like to say with a vengeance and loads of gusto, I’m pretty sure it will. I think there will be a period when it will just be amazing to see live music because of not being able to but also because the bands haven’t been able to. I think the gloves will definitely be off for live performances. The scene will be better for it once we are able to get going. I am super hopeful!

Dan: Just imagine how good the first gigs back will be

TNS: What are the short-term plans for Matilda’s Scoundrels?

Jason: we are still in hibernation mode so no plans now the 7″ is out. I think we will likely stay under our rock for the rest of 2021 at the very least but never say never.

Dan: To be honest we haven’t really spoke about anything yet. We haven’t all seen each other since the last gig with covid/lockdowns happening just a few months after.

TNS: Any long term plans for Matilda’s Scoundrels?

Jason: before we decided to take a break we had made good headway on writing a second album. We put a pin in it when we decided to take a break. I would say if we have any longterm plans it would be to pick this back up at some point in the future. But to be annoying and vague, there is no set date for this either.

TNS: What new music would you recommend to TNS listeners?

Dan: the new Incisions album is great, so it’s definitely worth pre-ordering that. Soul Glo, BIB, Eyes, Bob Vylan and the Chisel are some of my favourites at the moment.

TNS: And lastly, what’s the biggest animal you think you could take in a fight? (we’d never hurt an animal, we love them and often put them on T-shirt’s)

Jason: A slug

Dan: Alpaca