TNSrecords T-shirt Subscription Series

We like t-shirts. Especially t-shirts with animals swearing on them. We wanted loads of new designs so we decided to try something different. We have asked some of our favourite designers to come up with a t-shirt design for TNS as well as asking you to submit your proposals. With so many great ideas we decided to print a new t-shirt each month with a limited run of just 25 for each design. This is your chance to get your hands on all 12 t-shirts through the year for just £95. If you don’t have all the money up front get in touch with us via our facebook page or email ( and we will sort something out.

The first design is from an illustration by Dan Allen (Ducking Punches). If you think you have seen the design before you are right. It was used on the a TNS all-dayer post a couple of years ago.

You can buy a subscription HERE (just 10 available) or pick up the Alan Partridge design HERE (just 15 available).

There will only be 10 subscriptions available with the remaining 15 t-shirts available to buy as they come out. Subscriptions will be available for the first two months or until they sell out. Subscribers will be able to tell us if they want a certain t-shirt in a different size, just get in touch as soon as a new design comes out.

Due to there being 12 individual items postage will cost £28. But if you live in Manchester or want to collect them all together when you visit, or see one of us at a gig somewhere in the UK, just select pick-up at gig. We will post each t-shirt out as they arrive.