TNSrecords Podcast S2 Episode 21

Bev and Andy are back for another episode of the TNS podcast playing loads of new punk tunes and talking a lot of shit. You might even hear Phill in the background. We can record vinyl now and everything! And we also have a new mic. Exciting times.

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TNSpodcast Epsiode 21

  1. Fugazi – Waiting Room
  2. Sounds of Swami – Stitched Up at the Sewing Circle
  3. Throwing Stuff – Steve’s Job
  4. No Contest – Jacob’s Ladder
  5. FOXPUNCH – Misfits
  6. The Domestics – I’m A Chimp
  7. Cleavers – Brian Johnson’s Hat
  8. Mug – Riot
  9. Hot Water Music – Exister
  10. Off With Their Heads – Start Walking
  11. The Bronx – The Unholy Hand
  12. Trigger Effect – Waist Deep in Shit
  13. Leech Bleeders – Crooked Minds
  14. UNIFORMS – Keep On Keeping On
  15. Orquesta El Macebeo – El Sueno
  16. The Filaments – Tomlinson’s Ghost
  17. The Liabilities – Isn’t Life Beautiful
  18. No Decorum – What You Gonna Do


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