TNSradio Podcast S2 Episode 22

This month Andy is on his own because Bev is on holiday. Expect the usual amount of talking shite and loads of FAST! Enjoy.

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TNSpodcast Epsiode 22

  1. Gallows – I Dread The Night
  2. Sounds Of Swami – Surfing The Cesspool
  3. Landverraad – Vernietig De Elite
  4. Officer Down – What It Takes
  5. Santa Cruz – The Truth Is Out There
  6. No Friends – Never Ending Fight
  7. The Fractions – Repeater
  8. Acid Drop – Knock You Down
  9. Dead Subverts – Words Will Still Mean Nothing
  10. Huffin’ Paint – Huffin’ Paint
  11. Scene Of Irony – In The Middle Of Camden Town
  12. The Restarts – They’re Onto You
  13. Dr Nowt – The List
  14. Chairmen Of The Bored – Stand As One
  15. The Holybuttons – You’re Fucked
  16. The Bronx – Ship High In Transit
  17. Fucked Up – The Black Hats
  18. Jello Biafra – New Feudalism
  19. ZDA – 3
  20. 3DBS Down – Magnificent Mediocre
  21. Spirit Of John – Witch

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