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TNS Radio Podcast S3 Episode 5

It’s time for the fifth episode of the TNSrecords punk podcast. This time the show is brought to you by Ben & Pete from Acid Drop.

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Here is what they played…

Wonk Unit- Go Easy
Casual Nausia- Leave Me Alone
Tosserlad – It’s Just Not Cider
The Burnt Tapes – Luber
Jake and The Jellyfish- Coffee Tally
The 4130s – Treading Water
Maxwell’s Dead – Like A Contrast
Revenge of The Psychotronic Man- The Family
Old Coyote Club – City Foxes
The Peterlees – The Luckiest Man Alive
Cable 35- Sanitation
The Platitudes- Derail
Irrational Act- POV
The Uniforms- Three Two
Flipshot- hahahhahaahowhahhow

Please spread the word if you liked the podcast. We have a new episode coming to you every 2 weeks with a show from Ben and Pete next. Stay tuned.

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