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TNS Radio Podcast S3 Episode 6

The latest episode of the TNSrecords podcast is brought to by Bev and Andy from TNS. As you can probably imagine they talk a lot of nonsense. They also have all the info Manchester Punk Festival, a new TNS release and loads more. There are also some great new tunes.

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Here is what they played…

Brutal Youth – Contrarian
Ziplock – Not Cost Effective
The Repossessed – Try
Vanilla Pod – She’s Dead Now
Landverraad – The Mirror Is Broken
School Damage – Empty Calories and Male Curiosities
Rail-27 – Suit Of Llama
Chewed Up – Reaction
Holiday – Isolation Is A Lonely Place To Be
Matilda’s Scoundrels – Folk Shit Up
Greenland Is Melting – Always
Ducking Punches – Cursed Luck
Billy Liar – Change
Hysterics – Now I See What I Have Lost
Endless Grinning Skulls – Jackal
Volunteers – Straight Edge Kids Make Me Wanna Binge Drink
Dis-Tank – Forced Out
Cravats – Terminus
Cardiacs – Jibber and Twitch Rehearsal

Please spread the word if you liked the podcast. We have a new episode coming to you every 2 weeks with a show from Moz and Mike next. Stay tuned.

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