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TNS Radio Podcast S3 Episode 2

The second TNSrecords punk podcast for the brand new series. This show is brought to you by TNS duo Andy and Bev. They discuss the releases planned for the year coming and the 10 year birthday all-dayer. They also play some of their favourite tunes to be released since their last show.

The new series will also features Ben & Pete from Acid Drop as well as shows from Moz & Mike (Dangerous Aces and the Shadowcops). Across the shows we hope to introduce you to loads of great underground punk tunes, new releases and some old favourites. We will probably act like idiots and talk lots of shite.

Anyway, here is what was played in the latest podcast:

Throwing Stuff – Five Pound Beers
The Murderburgers – Everything Is Muted & Brown
The Lawrence Arms – Drunk Tweets
Against Me – True Trans Soul Rebel
The Orwells – Other Voices
Beng Beng Goes Electric – More Riots
Maximum RnR – Rough Side of the Dial
My Man Mike – Proboscis
Violent Arrest – Shattered
The Franceens – Bomb
Greenland Is Melting – Always
Rat Attack – A Bird In Hand
No///se – If I’ve Told You Once
A Page of Punk – Don’t Look Back In Anger (Oasis Cover)
Fist – Death Borg 5000
Bullet Treatment – Touch Us
Landmines – Penny Ante
China Drum – Wuthering Heights
WONK UNIT – Horses
Spirit of John – Witch

If you want to get in touch or send in some music feel free to email us at

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