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TNS Radio Podcast S3 Episode 1

The TNSrecords punk podcast is back for a new series. We have three sets of presenters lined up to deliver a new podcast to you every couple of weeks. The first show is brought to you by Ben and Pete of Acid Drop fame. They play you some of their favourite tunes alongside a couple of guilty pleasures.

This episode is over a year old. At the start of 2014, with the new site, we thought we would be ready to start again. But we have had lots of issues and not enough time to sort them out. Hopefully we should be on it now.

The new series will also feature TNSrecords own Bev and Andy as well as shows from Moz and Mike (Dangerous Aces and the Shadowcops). Across the shows we hope to introduce you to loads of great underground punk tunes, new releases and some old favourites. We will probably act like idiots and talk lots of shite.

Anyway, here is what was played in the latest podcast:

Bad Religion – O Come O Come Emmanuel
JB Conspiracy – Say Goodbye
Drones – Raise The Stakes
The Exposed – To Your Demise
Sounds of Swami – In Retrospect
Blackbeard’s Tea Party – Landlady
Smokey Bastard – Mongrel
Stöj Snak – Great Ideas Need Landing Gear
Papa Roach – Hidden Dub Track
Random Hand – Tales of Intervention
Anti-Vigilante – Push On Through
Juno – Answers
Autopsy Boys – About Last Night

If you want to get in touch or send in some music feel free to email us at

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