Manchester hardcore punks Throwing Stuff have released a new single I Hate This Place ahead of a rare appearance at Manchester Punk Festival on 8 April.

‘I Hate This Place’ is their first release in two years! The single sees Throwing Stuff return to their trademark brand of incendiary hardcore and lyrical piss and vinegar. Capturing the essence of their explosive live shows.

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The two-minute track sees Throwing Stuff channel their fury at the racists their vocalist finds himself face-to-face with where he lives and works in south-east Asia.

“The irony isn’t lost on me that I have personally encountered more white, small-minded bigots halfway around the world in Myanmar than I ever have in the UK. There is enough Islamophobia within Myanmar popular discourse without Britain exporting its finest arseholes to teach in the country’s schools,” he said.

I Hate This Place is the first of three singles coming out in 2023, with the subsequent releases staggered over May and June. Listen to them all on major streaming platforms.

Check it out HERE.