The Ä To Z Of Ignorance, Indifference and Idiocy

The A to Z of Ignorance, Indifference & Idiocy’ split EP sees two of the UK’s most uncompromising underground DIY bands going head-to-head in a ferocious melee of angry punk. Hailing from the Brighton area, Ättestor smash out three irresistible bursts of rabid hardcore, whilst Bristol’s Zero Again bring a darker, heavier perspective to their two tracks. Both bands have plenty of importance to say amongst the musical carnage, and the EP comes wrapped in a beautiful folded sleeve courtesy of Welly from the renowned Artcore fanzine, making for an essential release if you like your protest music swinging for the fences.

The 7″ is spearheaded by TNSrecords, in collaboration with Dead Invoice Records (UK), DIY Kolo (Poland) and Carabrecol (Spain) and will be released on the 16th September.


Ättestor come from the South Coast of the U.K with their own brand of what they call (ADH)D-Beat. So far, they’ve kept themselves busy by recording two, six track demos, a full-length LP, and a split tape with Hasting’s own Comeback Clit. Reviewers have made comparisons to a mix of U.K Hardcore classics, like Spite, Heresy & Ripcord, as well as U.S Hardcore bands like SSD.

On their side, they have their usual Political / Personal lyrics, dealing with Mental Health issues & the importance of talking, to the rise in social media & the lack of actual protest, and clocking in for ‘the man’ and working in a warehouse / factory 9 to 5. If you like your D-Beat tunes, short and angry, this should be perfect for you and a perfect match up with Zero Again, proving U.K Hardcore is still pissed & angry.

Zero Again

Powered by plants and fueled by indignation, Zero Again were birthed during the chaos of the pandemic, and although they may appear a ‘new’ band, they are actually older than dirt, with their four members having served many decades in the trenches of the punk rock wars in bands such as Regret, Grand Collapse, Warwound, In The Shit, Stampin’ Ground, Four Letter Word, Ephemeral Foetus, Decadence Within, Bring To Ruin, yadda yadda yadda. All of which means fuck all if you’re not creating something relevant and meaningful right this minute, of course (you’re only as good as your last song, after all), and Zero Again make dark, twisted noises that perfectly capture the End of Days zeitgeist we endure so stoically right now.

Often graciously compared to Peni, early Neurosis, the Dead Kennedys, Killing Joke and Lard, Zero Again, as their name suggests, threw away the rule book when they first butted heads in a Bristol rehearsal room, turning their back on all expectation, and going just where their morbid muse bloody well pleases… and it usually gives a sly nod to anarcho punk, post punk and early USHC in amongst the sabre-rattling and ruminations on our insipid mortality.

With two delirious EPs to their name – ‘Revert To Nothing’ (Kibou) and ‘Out Of The Crooked Timber of Humanity’ (Sanctus Propaganda) – and a full album in the works, this is their first split release, the band finding a likeminded nihilism in Brighton’s Attestor. Expect some gigs together in the New Year, and watch for ZA conjuring bilious exhortations with the likes of Subhumans, Domestics and Sheer Terror in the meantime.

Punk is now, not then. Animal liberation is human liberation.