Ahead of the release of the latest album ‘Blinded by Ignorance and Somewhat Hysterical’, we caught up with Electric Press to ask them 10 very important questions. Their album has been two years in the making and is a small but pinnacle snap shot of their journey growing up. Pick up your copy from our webstore now.

TNS: Please introduce the band?

Greetings, we’re Electric Press! A hardcore band from Leeds. We’re made up of Jade (21), Ollie (21) Logan (23) and Terry (22)

TNS: Which of your releases should people check out first and what track is your definitive song?

Mass Hysteria! The title track to our new album (Blinded by Ignorance and Somewhat Hysterical). Easily THE song from the album. It conveys the entire message behind the album and what we wanted to tell our listeners

TNS: Which member of the band is guaranteed to make you late getting to the gig and why?

We all have our moments… (Ollie)

TNS: What is your favourite venue to play?

Our time at the Bread Shed (MPF 2K23) The introducing stage (Rebellion 2K23) gave us some of our most insane and memorable moments on stage. Absolute insane venues, ran by the most amazing people who gave us and other up and coming acts a platform in front of hundreds of people.

TNS: Tell us about something ridiculous that has happened to you whilst on the road.

Hastings Wotsit Called Fest, we’ll not go into too much detail but it involved a lot of artist cocktails (we blame incisions 🖕), 3 plates of Wetherspoons chicken wings and a Morrisons shopping trolley.

TNS: What are the best and worst bits of being in an underground/DIY band?

The insane roster of people we get to meet and make friends with! The biggest con, probably trying to get places when none of us drive…

TNS: What up and coming bands should we all be checking out?

I’m sure we can all list off numerous emerging acts. One that would certainly be a common denominator on each list would be Going Off (as featured on our self titled track (Mass Hysteria). In our home town, we have some amazing up and coming acts: Gravehouse, Murder Blossoms, Impale, Deadwax. We beg you to give these guys a listen! We even have some other projects you should check out 😉 (Apogee, Ambrossia, Knife).

TNS: Any advice for emerging bands/bands just starting out?

Don’t overthink it. If it stops becoming fun, you’re doing it wrong.

TNS: What’s next for you guys in the short term and the long term?

Our new album, Blinded by Ignorance and Somewhat Hysterical, lands 17/05/2024. We have two release shows lined up in Leeds (Eiger studios – 31/05) and Manchester (Atma – 07/06)

TNS: Finally, and most importantly, what is the biggest animal you could take down with your bare hands? Hypothetically, of course. We like animals. We often put them on t-shirts.

I’m confident the four of us could f*ck [fuck] up a capybara if it came in with an attitude (with peace and love). Other than that we’re under no illusion we could take anything bigger. Bears will eat you alive, they don’t go for the kill, just start tucking in. You seen a large cat’s canines? Think you’re taking on a chimp? Go look up what they’ll do to you just for shits and giggles before it’s morning brew. You walk into an orangutan’s gaff and don’t place your drink on a coaster, kiss good bye to your arms…

Buy the new album for Electric Press here – https://bit.ly/ElecPress