The TNS Summer Sale

It’s time for the TNSrecords Summer Sale. Head to the webstore and use the code ‘TNSaleAug14’ by the 21st August to get 25% off everything in the TNS webstore (except t-shirts). We have some amazing releases coming up that we are really proud of. Keep your eyes pealed one will be announced very soon. As usual, every penny that we make from TNS straight back in to help us release new music. We run the label in our spare time on a not-for-profit basis. This is a great time to support what we do whilst picking up some new music.

All the orders will get posted out when the sale ends on the 21st August because Andy is currently galavanting around Europe and most of the distro stock is stored at his house. So if you don’t get you order straight away you can blame him for having too much of a good time.

TNS Summer Sale 14 Poster

TNS Summer Sale 14 Poster

Although not included in the sale, we have also just released some new t-shirt and hoodie designs. The TNS bear is available both on black and white tees as well as on a hoodie. You can also now pick up the popular TNShark ‘Mainstream Music Is Shit’ t-shirts and hoodies which are back by popular demand! Check them all out HERE!



New Black Star Dub Collective 12″ Out Now

We are very proud to announce that the brand new release from Black Star Dub Collective is now available from TNSrecords. ‘Vampire’ is a brand new 12″ EP from the band. Following on from the success of the “From Rusholme With Dub” split LP, this is the Manchester band’s first recording with new vocalist Josif Yorke (of Liberation and formerly of Rast4Eyes). This is dub that you need in your life! Pick it up from the webstore NOW.


Black Star Dub Collective – Vampire

We are releasing this alongside a collective of independent labels including:



The record features the following tracks:


SIDE A – VAMPIRE (Nucleus Roots Vocal and Dub Cut)
SIDE B – VAMPIRE (Dubconductor Vocal and Dub Cut)

If you can’t wait to get your hands on the record you can stream the tracks on bandcamp now:


Strummercamp 2014

3 Days of Liberation, Music & Performing Arts Inspired by Joe Strummer

0161 kicked off the festival season with a bang at the weekend. The start of festival season means one thing; it is time for our annual gathering at Manchester Rugby Club for the mighty Strummercamp Festival. This will be the sixth year that TNS has helped out at this great little festival. This year we are teaming up with Spannered and Punx Inna Jungle to bringing you a cracking line-up on the second stage. Hempen Jig are also putting on their awesome acoustic stage again.

If you weren’t aware Strummercamp was set up initially as an idea to pay tribute to the late great Joe Strummer and the Clash, reflecting Joe’s positive spirit and influence, the organisers mix the acts from many musical backgrounds, from classic punk to ska, reggae to rockabilly, folk to rhythm and blue. It’s a not-for-profit festival that takes place at Manchester Rugby Club the weekend 23/24/25 May.

We have some very limited cheap weekend tickets for just £50, if you want to come head to our webstore to grab yours. Be quick as these cheap tickets are very limited. Get them HERE.

Here is what we have planned for you:

TNS Stage (Saturday)
Vanilla Pod – facebook 
Revenge of the Psychotronic Man – facebook
Black Volvo – facebook
Wonk Unit – facebook
Tosserlad – facebook
Ubuntu – facebook
The Liabilities – facebook
Mr Shiraz – facebook
The Crash Mats – facebook


Speed Dinosaurs
Joe McCorriston
Emma Hallows
Pullman Porter
Tim Holehouse
Sammy Merbus
Jake Martin
Goy Boy Mcilroy
Mauri Clash City Rocker
Joe Solo
Matty James
Henry Raby

Dead Neck
Roughneck Riot
Hated til Proveb


Billy liar
Rob Galloway
Villy Raze
Jonny Gill
Eliza P.
Mixtape Saints
The Lone Groover
The Love we leave Behind(Barney)
Tim Loud
Dave Heap
Henry Raby

Beretta Suicide
A Sudden Vengeance Waits
Bob Hoskins Experience

**We will update this soon with the bands playing the Spannered, Hempen Jig and Punx Inna Jungle stages**

The following bands have also been announced for the festival, with more to come:

Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra, Ruts DC, The Membranes, Dreadzone, XSLF, Jah Wobble, Linea, Headsticks, Super Fast Girlie Show, Band Of The Underhand, Joe Solo, Rotten Hill Gang, Dub Sex, L*uise Distr*s, Attilla The Stockbroker, TheGreatExplosiveTrash, Orphan Boy, Run Out Of Guns, The Trailer Trash Orchestra, Evil Blizzard, Night Of Treason, Mauri Clash City Rocker, Red Eye Jedi, Cheapskates, Matty James, Burning From The Inside, Bug, Eliza P, Emmott and the Folkestra, and Jake & The Jellyfish.

For more information, check out the Strummercamp website. Make sure you get your cheap tickets HERE.


Officer Down Join TNSrecords

We are very pleased to announce that Officer Down have joined the TNS family! We have known these guys for a long time and have always been massive fans. We can’t wait to work more closely with them on their upcoming album. If you haven’t come across them already, their sound is fast-paced punk rock with melodic choruses and a hint of skate punk. As with so many of the TNS bands, they are very active in supporting the scene through their own EHC Records and through EHC Screen Printing.

They are a perfect fit with the TNS principles and what we try to achieve with our label. We’re sure that you will love their music and ethos as much as we do.  Officer Down are off on tour in North America in May and Europe later in the summer. As you would expect, they are playing across the UK most weekends so if you haven’t had a chance to catch them live you will have plenty of opportunities this year. Head to their website to check out all of the tour dates. Also, make sure you head to Facebook to keep up with the latest Officer Down news.

The super ‘Thrown To The Water’ album was released collectively by a few labels in 2011. Have a listen to it above on bandcamp. You can also grab a copy from the TNS distro. If you are in the TNS Download Club, you received a copy of the album sent directly to your inbox on Thursday. Missed out? Well sign up and get a free download next month.

A bit of history… Officer Down are a melodic punk/hardcore band from Evesham UK, formed in February 2005. For the first year, the boys were locked away writing material.  10 of these tracks went on to become ‘Led By Lies, Christians & Money’ which was recorded by current bass player, Shay, and released on EHC Records in 2006. To support the record they played a few shows around the UK and set up a mini tour of Ireland. In 2007, they traveled to Latvia to play Zvera Fest and hit the studio to record tracks for ‘Tent City Records’ (home of such bands as Choking Victim/The Foamers etc).  This was released in the form of a 2xCD split with Mad Conductor/Suicide Bid/Atrocity Solution/Public Serpents the following year. ‘Time To Break Your Fall’ from this CD received airplay on the BBC Radio 1 Punk show a number of times.


In 2008, they supported the release of ‘When The Bombs Drop’ playing everywhere and anywhere with UK and European tours. They played in Belgium, Holland & Luxembourg as well as UK shows most weekends, all whilst holding down jobs and finishing uni. That year they also played Rebellion festival and City Invasion with bands like Agnostic Front and US Bombs. They were also offered shows with the mighty ‘As Friends Rust’ on their reunion tour and with one of their biggest influences ‘Strike Anywhere’.

2009 hit them in the face. Rebellion asked them back to play again and they were gigging most weekends.  The highlights were supporting ‘Leftover Crack’ and a few shows with ‘Star Fucking Hipsters’, as well as another European tour for themselves. In

2010 they released the ‘What It Takes’ EP on itunes (the tracks from the ‘When The Bombs Drop’ comp) and started writing material for the next album. They hit the studio once again in 2011 and recorded their first official studio album. The Track ‘Bleed It Dry’ was used as part of a Split 7″ with label mates ‘The Infested’, which came out shortly before the album ‘Thrown To The Water’ which was recorded by Dave Draper. To support the album, Officer Down embarked on their third European tour and hit Germany for the first time. At the end of 2011, the band took a hiatus to focus on their careers.

At the start of 2013 they made the decision to fire up the band. After practicing for 6 months they played their first show in just under 2 years. More recently, they headed into the studio to write and record their latest album. Now, in 2014, they have tours lined up in both the USA and Europe, with gigs up and down the UK keeping them busy at home. Keep your eyes peeled for the new Officer Down album coming soon to TNSrecords.


Gammon – Guitars | Vocals
Shay – Bass | Vocals
Niall – Drums | Vocals

Thank You! A Quick TNSreleases Sale.

We cannot begin to fully put in to words how absolutely blown away we were with the TNS 10th Birthday celebrations. The support we received across the whole weekend was so humbling. The attendance far exceeded our wildest expectations. It was awesome. We are now starting to recover so we thought we should show some appreciation in return and help any new people to TNSrecords to check out what we do. We are going to have a quick 25% off sale on all TNS releases. We are off driving around Europe in a van with Revenge Of… from the 19th to 27th, so the sale is on until we return. We also want you to hear as many new bands as possible. So any order of 3 CDs or more will get a free TNS compilation as well.

TNS all-dayer2Taken by Pay No More Than… Photography

Anyway, before we give you more information on that, we had so much help in putting the weekend’s TNS party on we should thank everyone involved. We are inevitably going to miss someone, as this was such a collective effort and so many people got involved. For that we can only apologise, our memories aren’t what they used to be for some reason.

Mikey Wong, as usual, did an awesome job at making sure that everyone heard that the gig was happening. He was helped by all the members of the street team who help us get flyers in people’s hands across the UK. Fizzy did countless jobs making sure everything was ready, packing parcels and sorting the distro out. Sam sat on the door all day, as she has many times in the past, making life so much easier for us, as well as doing loads of little jobs that no-one sees. Both of these girls put up with lots of TNStress, so thanks loads to them. Loads of people helped run the distro during the day; thank you Tom, Laura, Col, Kathy and Dani.

All-dayer Cake

Kim made a cake. Probably the best cake the world has ever seen. We can’t get our heads around how long that would take or even how it is possible. And that is not to say Charlotte’s cake wasn’t fantastic too; both of them went way above our expectations, plus both cakes tasted amazing! Cheers to Ricky for the pizzas at the Bay Horse. Col, Mike, Mikey, and Davey helped out with some boring tasks that you wouldn’t want to wish on anyone. Dazzler and Tree stepped in at the last minute to make sure that the after show actually happened. Big Hands, Emz, Jack, Dave and Fizzy helped set everything up, carrying loads of stuff… basically lots of things that you don’t want to do when you’re hung-over. Cheers to everyone who took such amazing photographs of the bands and shared them with the world. Then we come to the video below, which was a complete surprise to us and blew our minds when we saw it for the first time on Friday. Thank you to everyone involved, you can see all their faces in the video… well apart from Scott who filmed and edited it all. Finally, to all the bands that played. Everyone gave it their all and, at the end of the day, is the reason we were all there. What a show!

And thank YOU for your support. We want to make sure that great underground music is heard by as many people as possible. If people don’t come to the gigs, buy records, spread the word, then this wouldn’t happen at all. On that note, we are having this sale. Just use the code ‘THANKYOU2014’ when you check out, between now and 27 April, to get 25% off all TNS releases.

**We are away until 27 April so orders will only be sent out when we return.**

If you are looking for other great weekends to hurt your livers at you should definitely check out 0161 Festival and Strummercamp Festival, which are both happening in May. Thanks again. See you at the Restarts gig on 14th June.

Check out Pay No More Than… Photography for more pictures of the gig.

TNS all-dayer 3Taken by Pay No More Than… Photography

The TNS All-dayer – Programme and Times

It is nearly time for the TNS All-dayer. Friday 11 and Saturday 12 April sees us celebrating ten years since the first ever TNS gig, with three awesome gigs. It is going to be a massive party so we hope that you can all make it down. To provide you with all the information you will need on the day we have put together a programme. You will get a copy on the door but we thought you might want to read it first.

So for all the information, including stage times, please click here to download the programme (pdf).

Loads of people have been asking about the after-show party. Check out the flyer below for all the information about how it will work. It is now sold out to anyone other than all-dayer ticket holders.


Tickets are still available. You can buy them here and save yourself £3 on the day. They are E-Tickets, so you will get a code sent, which you need to bring on the day.

Here are some FAQs on the all-dayer. Let us know via our facebook page or by emailing if you have anymore questions.


I cant find the cart to buy my ticket on the site.

You need to ensure that you have set the t-shirt option to none. Unless of course you want to order the ten year pack, which includes your ticket and a t-shirt.

What do I need to bring to redeem my e-ticket?

If you can print the email with your code, please do so, but it is not essential. We will have a list with all the names and ticket codes on the door.

Whats the score with the Friday night gig?

This gig is free to everyone (regardless of whether or not you hold a ticket). However, capacity is limited and it will be on a first come, first served basis. Once we reach capacity, it is out of our hands. Holding a Sound Control ticket does not guarantee entry to the Friday gig. Once capacity is reached it is out of our hands

Whats the score with the after-show?

The first 100 ticket holders will get a pink wrist band on arrival at Sound Control. A pink wrist band gives you guaranteed entry to the after-show until 12 midnight. 50 blue wrist band holders will gain entry at 11pm (first come, first served). Further entry will be at the venues discretion. Once capacity is reached it is out of our hands. Download the information flyer here.

My e-ticket has not come

Please check your junk mail. If its not there, please email us and well resend it.

Bev & Andy from TNS

TNS Interview from Sticky Sounds Zine

We have been interviewed by the great Manchester zine Sticky Sounds. Vicky was kind enough to let us put the interview online. This interview will appear in issue 8 of the zine, which will be out soon. You should check out the paper version of the zine, it is a good read. We still have some back issues in the distro if you want to check them out. You can also get them directly from Vicky. Check out the Sticky Sounds website or facebook page for more information. Anyway, here is the interview for your enjoyment.

Sticky Sounds) TNS started with the zine, was it always your intention to also start a record label?

Andy) I think so. We taped some CDR compilations to the covers of very early issues of the fanzine. We thought the fanzine would be a good way of getting people interested in the bands. It was never an option for it to become a ‘real’ label until Bev got involved, but it was definitely always an ambition. I think the combination of the gigs, the fanzine, the podcast, the distro and the label works pretty well. I’d always liked the idea of doing something with all these different components.

Bev) As I wasn’t around right at the start I can’t comment on the early intentions, but it was always something that was in the background. I think it took us actually sitting down and saying ‘right, let’s actually do this’, before we thought through what it actually meant. To be honest, we were making it up as we went along for quite some time. We had both dabbled with releasing stuff. Myself and Liam (former Revenge of… guitarist) had put out a compilation and Andy had ‘released’ the CDRs as he mentioned. Even when the label came to life there really wasn’t much long-term planning involved. Everything just progressed naturally…which is probably quite evident.

Sticky Sounds)  Is there a TNS ethos?

Andy) There is yeah. I’ll just copy and paste it if that’s OK?

TNS is run based on the following core principles:

  • TNS are dedicated to supporting exciting music at grass roots level.
  • We believe in the music ‘scene’ working together as a community making every aspect better for all, discriminating against none.
  • TNS is run on a not-for-profit basis. We generally just about cover costs, anything else funds future releases.
  • ‘TNS’ bands should be actively involved in supporting other bands and helping them to play in their towns, working as hard as possible to get underground music out to genuine fans.
  • TNS oppose pay-to-play gigs, music competitions and money grabbing promotors. Music should never be about competing.
  • We believe that music can be a positive force politically, socially and morally, but also that everyone involved should have lots of fun!

Sticky Sounds) What are some of your highlights from the last ten years?

Andy) It’s hard to say really as there have been so many. The gigs are always the obvious fun bit where everyone gets to hang out (whereas packing envelopes is less fun haha). I always really look forward to the annual all-dayers as we get to see lots of friends and bands, we don’t see regularly enough. The first ever Beach Party, headlined by The Stupids was awesome and Strummercamp is always fun too. It’s always exciting when a new release is on the way, but I don’t think anything will really top the excitement of volume 1 arriving on the releases front. I also think going to Maida Vale with Revenge Of… is up there. As was our first tour and especially our first mainland Europe tour.

Bev) Wow, so much has happened. I think the main thing that sticks in my mind is when I returned home to find the first compilation had arrived. There was a massive sense of achievement at putting it together from scratch as well as the possibilities that it brought. But like Andy says there have been loads of highlights. The all-dayers/gigs that have sold out, being involved in organizing Strummercamp, releases getting national air play and driving Revenge of… around Europe must be some of the best.

Sticky Sounds) TNS has become synonymous with animal images, what are the origins of/thinking behind that?

Andy) I’ve always been interested wildlife documentaries and my job is in graphic design, so I liked the idea of combining the two things. I was also obsessed with tacky, cheaply printed Blackpool seafront t-shirts for ages. These mostly used animal imagery and I tried to recycle/work them into designs. We also have a slightly odd collective sense of humour here at TNS, which certainly contributes. We love things like ‘Brass Eye’, which has an animal themed episode, and ‘Big Train’, which uses lots of animal imagery.

Bev) I let Andy handle the design/artwork. I think animals having funny faces has a lot to do with it.

Sticky Sounds) Have there been any major setbacks in the last 10 years and do you ever feel disheartened?

Andy) Not sure about major setbacks, but it is very easy to occasionally feel disheartened. At times this is all overwhelming. Not long ago I was considering having some time out for personal reasons, but when you take a step back and look at it all, it’s so much more than just a hobby. It’s part of who you are. We’ve had plenty of releases and gigs we’ve lost money on, which is always disappointing, but it’s never all going to be easy doing this sort of thing. It’s hard work and incredibly time consuming, but I think it’s important to remember it’s supposed to be fun too. Sometimes I’m guilty of not doing that. Overall, there will always be ups and downs with something like this, but the highs definitely make it worthwhile.

Bev) I think we have been lucky in not having any major setbacks. The one thing that brings me out in cold sweats is when the coach we hired to get people, including bands, down to the London TNS all-dayer was cancelled at the last minute. I heard the voice-mail at 11pm when we were getting the coach at 7am the next day. Luckily we managed, with the help of lots of amazing people, to get loads of cars together to make the trip. I didn’t sleep much that night. Whilst nearly being a disaster, it was all great to see everyone coming together to make the gig still happen.

Without lows the highs would be pointless. As we both put so much of spare time in to TNS I think it would be hard for us not to get disheartened at times. When something we do doesn’t go well, or isn’t supported, it can be very disappointing. That said, we have some amazing highs when everything goes well and a great sense of achievement.

Sticky Sounds) What are your plans for the future of TNS?

Andy) Just more of the same really. We’ll just keep working hard, trying to improve what we do and trying to find exciting music. We have plenty more releases in mind. As long as we are enjoying it, we’ll carry on. I think we’ll always be excited by hearing new music and going to gigs, and whilst we are doing that, we’ll still always get the urge to document the bands and the scene.

Bev) As Andy says, we are planning to keep doing what we do. As we run TNS completely in our spare time, we are limited to the amount of music we can put out and the gigs we can run. That said, I think we do quite a bit at the moment. So expect more releases, gigs, fanzines and we might even get the podcast sorted soon. Also, check out the new TNS Download Club to get free music sent to your inbox every month.


You can buy tickets to the TNS 10 Year Birthday All-dayer HERE. This is the facebook event.

Make sure you check out the Sticky Sounds website and facebook page.

The 12 Days of TNSmas

TNSmas is returning for a second year following last year’s success. TNSmas is our opportunity to thank you for all your support through the year by giving away some TNS goodies whilst having a bit of fun. Each day there will be something new. Head to the 12 days of TNSmas section of the webstore and the TNSrecords Facebook page at midday, each day, to find out what is on offer. Each offer, prize or competition will all be available for 24hrs (or until they’re gone). Be quick because what’s available will be limited. Again, thank you for YOUR support. If you didn’t keep coming back, we wouldn’t be around for very long. We hope you have a good TNSmas break.
We are kicking things off with a competition. We have a TNS bundle for you to get your hands on. It includes the brand new album from the Franceens, the Revenge of the Psychotronic Man In Session at Maida Vale 7″, the new BrainDead LP Libertalia, Acid Drops album ‘The End of Days’ and Sounds of Swami’s self-titled release.

To be in with a chance of winning this TNS bundle, all you need to do is head over to the TNS facebook page and share the 12 Days of TNSmas poster. Tag the TNS page when you do so we can see that you have. On boxing day we will put all the names in a hat and pick a winner. Because it is our competition, and we make the rules, we are running THIS competition for a few days running up to the first day of TNSmas.  The free stuff and prizes on the other 11 days of TNSmas will just be available for 24hrs from midday. We have loads of CDs and other prizes to give away each day so please keep checking the TNSmas section of the webstore.


If you are having problems with checking out please check your junk box for the confirmation email from the website and add to your contacts. We are really sorry if you have missed out on a freebie because of this, to avoid any issues it could be worth registering on the site before placing your order. Any issues don’t hesitate to get in touch.

TNSrecords SALE!

We are having a sale! You can get 25% off everything* in our webstore by using the code TNSIS10 when you check out. As usual all money raised will go towards TNS putting more stuff out. This time your money will go towards paying for the printing of the new fanzine and the pressing of the new releases from The Franceens and Revenge of the Psychotronic Man.

We are sorry that the store has been down for so long but we hope that you like the new one.

We are always looking to add new stock to the distro, so if you think that we should get something in please let us know. Email/twitter/facebook/in the pub is fine.


*Well, not tickets or pre-orders, that would just be weird.