TNS Summer Sale

We hope that you’ve noticed we have been busy. There are loads of new records that you can buy from our webstore. All these new records mean that need to clear some space to store them all. So it is time for a sale!

Right up to the 3rd July you can get 25% off in our webstore using the code ‘SummerSale16’ when you check out.

As always, every penny we make from the label goes straight back in to putting out new music. We have releases from both TNS bands and loads of other great DIY labels in the distro.

If you could also help spread the word about the sale to anyone who might be interested that would really be appreciated.

Sale excludes pre-orders.

TNS Summer Sale 2015

TNS Summer Sale 25% OFF

We have some awesome releases lined up in the next couple of months. It is time to clear some stock and raise some funds to help pay for them. So we decided to have a summer sale over the next 3 weeks to give you 25% off* in our webstore. Just use the code ‘tnssale15’ when you check out.

We have added loads of great releases to our distro, along with our 43 releases so far, there is loads to check out. Everything that you spend on TNS goes back in to the label and helps us to continue to do what we do. Without your support we would not be hear. It is really appreciated. Every purchase genuinely makes a massive difference to us. Our sales are probably a lot lower than you expect.

If you could help spread the word across the internet that would really be appreciated.

*offer excludes tickets, t-shirts and pre-orders

Free TNS Sampler & Winter Sale

At TNS our aim is to get great new music in your ears. With this winters TNSrecords sale we have decided to make that easier for you. We have put together a sampler of the last 11 TNS release for free download from the TNSrecords bandcamp page.  Along with 11 free tunes being sent your way you will also get a code to get 25% off in the TNS webstore up to 15 February.

As you know, we run TNS in our spare time on a not-for-profit basis. Every penny that you spend in our webstore will go in to running the label and putting out new tunes. Anything that you spend in our webstore is really appreciated and helps us to keep going. We have some great releases lined up and it would be great to get them into your ears as soon as possible.

If you don’t have any money going spare then there are other ways in which you can support what we do. In this very busy internet world get heard above the noise can be hard. So please let people know about us if you think they would enjoy what we do. You can also donate your Facebook or Twitter account once a month (or more) HERE so we can share TNS news from our pages. Also don’t forget to check out the TNSrecords bandcamp page for loads of pay-what-you-want releases.

Make sure you get the free TNS sampler downloaded to get some free punk in your lives and the sale code to get 25% off in the webstore.


The TNS Summer Sale

It’s time for the TNSrecords Summer Sale. Head to the webstore and use the code ‘TNSaleAug14’ by the 21st August to get 25% off everything in the TNS webstore (except t-shirts). We have some amazing releases coming up that we are really proud of. Keep your eyes pealed one will be announced very soon. As usual, every penny that we make from TNS straight back in to help us release new music. We run the label in our spare time on a not-for-profit basis. This is a great time to support what we do whilst picking up some new music.

All the orders will get posted out when the sale ends on the 21st August because Andy is currently galavanting around Europe and most of the distro stock is stored at his house. So if you don’t get you order straight away you can blame him for having too much of a good time.

TNS Summer Sale 14 Poster

TNS Summer Sale 14 Poster

Although not included in the sale, we have also just released some new t-shirt and hoodie designs. The TNS bear is available both on black and white tees as well as on a hoodie. You can also now pick up the popular TNShark ‘Mainstream Music Is Shit’ t-shirts and hoodies which are back by popular demand! Check them all out HERE!



TNSrecords SALE!

We are having a sale! You can get 25% off everything* in our webstore by using the code TNSIS10 when you check out. As usual all money raised will go towards TNS putting more stuff out. This time your money will go towards paying for the printing of the new fanzine and the pressing of the new releases from The Franceens and Revenge of the Psychotronic Man.

We are sorry that the store has been down for so long but we hope that you like the new one.

We are always looking to add new stock to the distro, so if you think that we should get something in please let us know. Email/twitter/facebook/in the pub is fine.


*Well, not tickets or pre-orders, that would just be weird.

Welcome! New TNS Website.

Welcome to the brand new TNSrecords website! We hope you like it. The site has been a long time in the making but we are finally here. A massive thank you has to go out to Tommy from Pumpkin Web Design for putting it together. He has done an amazing job. If you need a site making, check him out.

Also, thank you for your patience. The new webstore should now be a lot easier to use and we are going to be adding a lot more of our gig stock online over the next few weeks. We are having a 25% sale for the whole of November. Just use the code TNSIS10 when you check out.



We also have two new releases going on pre-order. They are the debut album from the Franceens, Stepford Smiles. and a 7″ from Revenge of the Psychotronic Man which contains the tracks from their Maida Vale season recorded for the Radio One Punk Show. Head over to the webstore section of the website to order your copies.