New Black Volvo Album ‘Bad Driving’ – Pre-order Now

It is our pleasure to bring you the second album from Dutch punk rockers Black Volvo. The album is available on vinyl (pink and black) as well as CD. We have very limited stock of the pink vinyl so don’t hang around if you want one!

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Black Volvo continue to blow us away with their fat riffs and all round catchy tunes. With thick riffs, loud bass, solid drums and catchy songs you need to wrap your ears around Black Volvo. Their live shows are entertaining, loud and always played with a laugh.

You can listen to the album track ‘Hanging Johnny’ on our page here: Bandcamp

‘Bad Driving’ was recorded by Tim at Big Dog Recordings in Antwerp. Black Volvo said “the recording sessions where so much fun! And that is what you will hear when you put the record on, 17 punkrock songs to bang your head to and leave you with a smile on your face! We can’t wait to play you all the new songs!”

These songs will easily turn into huge sing-alongs live. Party hard and fists in the air! Bring serpentines!

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“crammed full with insanely catchy riffs that really do cross the genres; punk at its core with but metal elements and a sprinkling of glam vocals…” – Louder Than War

You can catch Black Volvo on tour in the UK in March. Here are the gigs they have coming up:

10-03-2017 – OJC Solution / Hillegom

17-03-2017 – Gebr. de Nobel / Leiden – RELEASE SHOW

22-03-2017 – The Lady Luck / Canterbury (UK)

23-03-2017 – Santiago’s / Leeds (UK)

24-03-2017 – Maguires Pizza Bar / Liverpool (UK)

25-03-2017 – Star & Garter / Manchester (UK)

26-03-2017 – The Smokehouse / Ipswich (UK)

08-04-2017 – JVC de Schuit / Katwijk

26-05-2017 – Patronaat / Haarlem

09-06-2017 – The Wagon & Horses / Birmingham (UK)

10-06-2017 – Private / Manchester (UK)

17-06-2017 – CAB03 / Leiden

29-09-2017 – TBC (UK)

30-09-2017 – Wotsit Called Fest / Hastings (UK)

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New Release: Matilda’s Scoundrels “Crowley’s Curse”

We are excited to welcome Matilda’s Scoundrels to the TNSrecords family. They have been smashing across the country over the last couple of years, most recently at MPF. Formed in 2014, Matilda’s Scoundrels are a 6 piece folk punk unit from Hastings. They have been working really hard helping to build a great scene on the south coast so fit perfectly with TNS.

We are working with a few great labels to bring you a 2 track 7″ ‘Crowley’s Curse’ which is available to pre-order now.

Matilda’s Scoundrels play fiery and feisty folk-punkTeam Rock

Blending traditional punk instruments with accordion, mandolin, tin whistle and gravelly vocals makes for an exciting mix of music which has had hundreds of bodies moving, feet tapping and beer flowing. They have released two EPs over the last year, ‘Beasts in Disguise’ and a split EP with fellow Hastings punks The Barracks. Make sure you check them out.

DSC_5371 edit

This is what London Celt Punks had to say about the guys:

“So what we have here is a band playing at the top of their game. A band who are clearly on the rise and as I have said oft time before its bands who put the work in that gets the goods in the end and Matilda’s Scoundrels are a band who have put that work in and continue to do so. A bunch of decent fella’s who really enjoy what they are doing, that are good friends and as far away from some prima-donnas I could mention as is possible. Always up for playing and genuine upset if for some reason they can’t do it. It’s bands like this that deserve the rewards and the way things are going I am absolutely certain they are going to get them”

So what are you waiting for? Head to the TNS webstore to pick-up your copy.

Check out Matilda’s Scoundrels on Facebook Twitter and Bandcamp. 

Crowleys Curse2




Black Volvo Join The Family

We are very proud to announce that Dutch rockers Black Volvo will be joining the TNSrecords family. We are teaming up with the awesome Scottish label Round Dog Records to release their debut album ‘Once We All Were Wolves’ at the end of October. We first meet the guys on tour in Europe where they blew us away with their fat riffs and all round catchy tunes. These guys rock.

promo castle

They support the scene in the Netherlands putting on loads of great gigs and have helped out TNS bands when they have headed their way. They also have their own beer. Our kind of guys. So with thick riffs, loud bass, solid drums and catchy songs you need to wrap your ears around Black Volvo. Their live shows are entertaining, loud and always played with a laugh. So make sure you check them out on their UK tour at the start of November, especially when they head to Manchester to play for us. All the tour dates can be found on the Black Volvo facebook page.

This three piece from Holland will bring you 17 ‘swing your hip and break your neck’ punk rock songs in 35 minutes.When asked who influenced them, you’ll probably get different answers from each member. Think of Zeke, Abba, Wu-Tang, The Hookers, Right Said Fred and Dimmu Borgir. This list will go endlessly if you allowed them to keep on shouting band names at you. They recorded this record in the comfort of their own practice room, with the awesome Marc from Perimeter Audio. So look out for the album pre-order soon. We will try to get some of that beer we mentioned sorted for you… somehow.

tour poster

New Black Star Dub Collective 12″ Out Now

We are very proud to announce that the brand new release from Black Star Dub Collective is now available from TNSrecords. ‘Vampire’ is a brand new 12″ EP from the band. Following on from the success of the “From Rusholme With Dub” split LP, this is the Manchester band’s first recording with new vocalist Josif Yorke (of Liberation and formerly of Rast4Eyes). This is dub that you need in your life! Pick it up from the webstore NOW.


Black Star Dub Collective – Vampire

We are releasing this alongside a collective of independent labels including:



The record features the following tracks:


SIDE A – VAMPIRE (Nucleus Roots Vocal and Dub Cut)
SIDE B – VAMPIRE (Dubconductor Vocal and Dub Cut)

If you can’t wait to get your hands on the record you can stream the tracks on bandcamp now:


Officer Down Join TNSrecords

We are very pleased to announce that Officer Down have joined the TNS family! We have known these guys for a long time and have always been massive fans. We can’t wait to work more closely with them on their upcoming album. If you haven’t come across them already, their sound is fast-paced punk rock with melodic choruses and a hint of skate punk. As with so many of the TNS bands, they are very active in supporting the scene through their own EHC Records and through EHC Screen Printing.

They are a perfect fit with the TNS principles and what we try to achieve with our label. We’re sure that you will love their music and ethos as much as we do.  Officer Down are off on tour in North America in May and Europe later in the summer. As you would expect, they are playing across the UK most weekends so if you haven’t had a chance to catch them live you will have plenty of opportunities this year. Head to their website to check out all of the tour dates. Also, make sure you head to Facebook to keep up with the latest Officer Down news.

The super ‘Thrown To The Water’ album was released collectively by a few labels in 2011. Have a listen to it above on bandcamp. You can also grab a copy from the TNS distro. If you are in the TNS Download Club, you received a copy of the album sent directly to your inbox on Thursday. Missed out? Well sign up and get a free download next month.

A bit of history… Officer Down are a melodic punk/hardcore band from Evesham UK, formed in February 2005. For the first year, the boys were locked away writing material.  10 of these tracks went on to become ‘Led By Lies, Christians & Money’ which was recorded by current bass player, Shay, and released on EHC Records in 2006. To support the record they played a few shows around the UK and set up a mini tour of Ireland. In 2007, they traveled to Latvia to play Zvera Fest and hit the studio to record tracks for ‘Tent City Records’ (home of such bands as Choking Victim/The Foamers etc).  This was released in the form of a 2xCD split with Mad Conductor/Suicide Bid/Atrocity Solution/Public Serpents the following year. ‘Time To Break Your Fall’ from this CD received airplay on the BBC Radio 1 Punk show a number of times.


In 2008, they supported the release of ‘When The Bombs Drop’ playing everywhere and anywhere with UK and European tours. They played in Belgium, Holland & Luxembourg as well as UK shows most weekends, all whilst holding down jobs and finishing uni. That year they also played Rebellion festival and City Invasion with bands like Agnostic Front and US Bombs. They were also offered shows with the mighty ‘As Friends Rust’ on their reunion tour and with one of their biggest influences ‘Strike Anywhere’.

2009 hit them in the face. Rebellion asked them back to play again and they were gigging most weekends.  The highlights were supporting ‘Leftover Crack’ and a few shows with ‘Star Fucking Hipsters’, as well as another European tour for themselves. In

2010 they released the ‘What It Takes’ EP on itunes (the tracks from the ‘When The Bombs Drop’ comp) and started writing material for the next album. They hit the studio once again in 2011 and recorded their first official studio album. The Track ‘Bleed It Dry’ was used as part of a Split 7″ with label mates ‘The Infested’, which came out shortly before the album ‘Thrown To The Water’ which was recorded by Dave Draper. To support the album, Officer Down embarked on their third European tour and hit Germany for the first time. At the end of 2011, the band took a hiatus to focus on their careers.

At the start of 2013 they made the decision to fire up the band. After practicing for 6 months they played their first show in just under 2 years. More recently, they headed into the studio to write and record their latest album. Now, in 2014, they have tours lined up in both the USA and Europe, with gigs up and down the UK keeping them busy at home. Keep your eyes peeled for the new Officer Down album coming soon to TNSrecords.


Gammon – Guitars | Vocals
Shay – Bass | Vocals
Niall – Drums | Vocals

Wonk Unit join TNSrecords

We are really excited to be releasing ‘Nervous Racehorse’, the fourth album by London based band, Wonk Unit. After loving their previous releases, and seeing their superb live show on a number of occasions, we were very pleased to get the opportunity to work with the band to bring you this CD.

Wonk Unit are one of the most unique bands in punk rock today, with an incredibly eclectic mix of sounds, which it would impossible to describe; you just need to hear it. The almost poetry driven vocal style adds to the band’s originality. The catchy melodies are so memorable that you will be singing along for days.

“One of the most unique bands in modern punk rock. Wonk Unit are a fresh breath of life in the London punk scene. They’re fun, weird, poetic and utterly compelling all at once, a must-see.” Art Rocker

Wonk Unit2

“[Wonk Unit] have managed the almost impossible task of having found their own sound. It’s punk son, but not as we know it”. Eugene Butcher (Big Cheese)

The album will be released on the 13 March in time for their UK tour with Meansteed that ends at the Camden Barley on 5 April.

Find out more about Wonk Unit on facebook.

Check out all the tour details here.

Check out their latest album ‘MUFFY’, we think you will enjoy it:

Previous Wonk Unit releases are available to download here.