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S3 Episode 59 – TNS Radio Punk Podcast

This week: more tracks by the hot bands that we’re looking forwards to seeing at mpf, Scott and Ricky talk about our favourite comic books, and we played an old track by Matt Woods because we miss his voice on our show.

Listen out in particular for some awesome kazoo by CISTEM FAILURE, riot grrl riffs from MOMMY LONG LEGS, and guitar orgasms from MELT-BANANNA.

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Songs played:

1. Melt-Bananna – Candy Gun
2. Citizen Fish – Face To Face
3. Don Blake – The Plan
4. Thirteen Towers – Inviting Disaster
5. The Roughneck Riot – Resistance
6. Cistem Failure – Boot On Your Face
7. Mommy Long Legs – Horroscope
8. Maxwell’s Dead – Transposed
9. Sick On The Bus – Just Sex
10. Chewed Up – Advice
11. Pardon Us – I Never Said That
12. Zatopeks – Politics
13. Laughing In The Face Of – Wronga
14. Matt Woods – I’m So Straight Edge I’m on Daytime TV15. Villy Raze – The Morgue