Strummercamp Festival

Strummercamp Festival


Strummercamp is now in it’s tenth year and we are pleased to announce that we will be keeping up our involvement in what is always a great weekend. TNSrecords are returning once again to help run the second stage at the festival. We will be teaming up with our good friends from Spannered and Anarchistic Undertones to bring you some great bands. Whilst Hempen Jig will be doing their thing all weekend across at the acoustic stage.

We have a very limited number of weekend tickets to sell at the reduced price of £50. They are available from our webstore. Don’t miss out.

Here is what we are bringing this year:

TNS: Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man, Casual Nausea, Repossessed, Eastfield, Officer Down, Rising Strike, Matilda’s Scoundrels, Chewed Up, Shitgripper, The 4130s, Foxpunch.

HEMPEN JIG: The Godfather, Depresstival, Seamo McKenna, Minnie, Andrew Cream, Hello Mable, Tragical History Tour, Zealous Doxy, Paper Wings, X-Ray Cat, Foxes Faux.

ANARCHISTIC UNDERTONES / PUNX INNA JUNGLE (Late Stage 11pm – 2am): The Stopouts, Jake & The Jellyfish, YOSSER

SPANNERED: Jenkem, Faintest Idea, Fair Do’s, A Fish Called Bastard, Bullets With Blue Eyes, Dead Blends, Kleine Schweine, The Chacers, Cryonic Noise.

HEMPEN JIG: Pewter City Punk, Laura Taylor, Arms & Hearts, Tim Loud, Dave Heap, Lone Groover, Mark Ayling, Miranda Arieh, Jonny Gill, Joe Solo, Backyard Burners.

ANARCHISTIC UNDERTONES / PUNX INNA JUNGLE (Late Stage 11pm – 2am): Stand Out Riot, John Player Specials, Riggots.

There are also loads of great bands playing across on the the Main Stage / Dave Howard Stage over the weekend. They are:

The Men They Couldn’t Hang, XSLF, Ruts DC, Goldblade, TV Smith, The Urban Voodoo Machine, The Wakes, Roughneck Riot, Louise Distras, Superfast Girlie Show, Comrade X, Bryan McPherson, Def Digby, Babylon Dub Punks, Cheapskates, 2 Sick Monkeys, The Yalla Yallas, Run Out The Guns, Dubtalllica, Brassneck, Midage Rampage, Bug, The Uplifters, Dick Venom & The Terrortones, The Activators, Urban Empire, The Cornelius Crane, Lewy Bodies, Band Of The Underhand, Verbal Warning, The Hamsters.

Please support this festival and celebrate it making it this far.

Manchester Punk Festival

MPF people. Get excited. The first Manchester Punk Festival is coming. 17/18 April 2015. Save the date.

Last years TNSrecords all-dayer was absolutely amazing. We were completely blown away by the amount of people that wanted to join us in celebrating 10 years of TNS. This left us with the kind of problem that you want to have. How can we possible follow that next year?

Easy, we get together we some great Manchester punk promoters to create something new and exciting, bigger and better. TNS has always been about collaborating with like minded people, working together to achieve something positive. So with that in mind, we present to you Manchester Punk Festival (MPF) brought to you by ourselves and our friends in Moving North and Anarchistic Undertones. We are big fans of what they do and always attend their events.Manchester has a thriving scene, so by working together we hope to combine some of the most exciting strands of the scene. You are probably aware of what they both do, but if not check them out: Moving North and Anarchistic Undertones.


The main event will be at Sound Control and be across two stages on Sat 18 April. Like last year’s all-dayer we will also have a free gig on the Friday and an after show for when the all-dayer ends. There will be at least 30 bands, probably more, across the whole weekend.

We are very pleased to announce the first bands confirmed for the festival are The Restarts, Wonk Unit, Crazy Arm, Almeida, Fair Do’s, Revenge of the Psychotronic Man, Great Cynics, Throwing Stuff and Wadeye.

So you obviously want in. Well we have a limited amount of early bird tickets up for sale at just £10. Make sure you don’t hang around as there aren’t many. We will be releasing the remaining tickets on the 1st December for £13. Head HERE to grab your ticket. All bundles will be sent out at the start of APRIL.

Keep an eye on the MPF website, Facebook and Twitter for all the latest info.

If you want something to happen, just make it happen.

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