Strummercamp Festival 2013

We are excited to announce the line up for the TNS stage at this year’s Strummercamp Festival, which will be held at Manchester Rugby Club on 24/25/26 May 2013. Unfortunately we’ve had to have a bit less involvement in this years event due to time constraints (check out more info HERE), but as always, it’s great to be part of this amazing grass roots festival.

This year we are just running a stage on Saturday, with the Sunday being taken over by the good folk at Spannered.

Our stage runs during the day on Saturday 25th May and will feature the following amazing acts:

  • Beat The Red Light
  • Sounds Of Swami
  • Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man
  • Wonk Unit
  • The Domestics
  • Tosserlad
  • The Franceens
  • Foxpunch

Strummercamp is run on a not-for-profit level and is completely staffed by volunteers. Please try to give it your support.

Tickets are available at