Happy International Women’s Day and happy birthday to Kimmy Keytar. Knife Club have a brand new single to celebrate!

Check out the single everywhere now – https://linktr.ee/knifeclub

As many of you will know, Kim Morey recently joined our club. The addition of keys has added so much to our sound and we believe this song particularly showcases the new direction.

The song is inspired by the Johann Hari book, Stolen Focus.

“Almost everyone reading this will have experienced a flow state at some point. It’s when you are doing something meaningful to you, and you really get into it, and time falls away, and your ego seems to vanish, and you find yourself focusing deeply and effortlessly. Flow is the deepest form of attention human beings can offer. But how do we get there?”

Huge respect to all the inspirational women out there, including our very own Zoë and Kim! The new Knife Club album ‘Our Club, Our Rules’ is available to order now on vinyl and CD.

Album pre-order: https://bit.ly/OurClubOurRules