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Released by the band themselves, distributed by Boss Tuneage

WONK UNIT’s first album (“Flying the Japanese Flag”) was originally released via monthly Myspace downloads (3 songs at a time) in around 2007. This was Alex Johnson”s first release since his former band THE FLYING MEDALLIONS released “We Love Everybody And Everything’s Great” in 1994 (The medallions came to a premature end when bassist Dougie was killed in a tour bus accident in 1995) The band spent 2009/2010 touring the USA/mainland Europe and the UK notching up around 200 shows a year.

These included readings and spoken word shows of Alex’s poetry and soon to be released book “Notes from the sex manual-How to make girls cum.” 2011 saw a change of line up and second album “Trolleys thank you” released with Duncan Redmonds (Snuff) and Adam Stone (The Apostates) sharing drum duties. 2012 has seen the art and T shirt side of Wonk Unit expanded with a gallery show soon to open in South London and new T shirt releases on a monthly basis. “Muffy” is the not only the bands third album but also Wonk’s full band acoustic debut and also contains the “Pwosion and his aquatic knowledge” EP (previously released on 7 inch by Ex Gratia recordings)

Track listing

1. Spooky House

2. Love Of My Life

3. Johnny Rambo

4. Horses

5. Sinking

6. Plasterer

7. You Married A Tortured Genius

8. Donkey Of The Damned

9. She Cut Her Finger

10. Pearly White Awkwardness

11. Lady

12. Pon The Scaffold The Wind Cuts Through.

13. Elbows

14. The woods

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