Triple Threat – Kickback /Best of the Worst /Joey Terrifying Split


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Track listing

1. KICKBACK UK – Gradwell That Ends Well (Cut From The Team)

2. KICKBACK UK – Attitude Adjustment

3. KICKBACK UK – Must The Show Go On?

4. THE BEST OF THE WORST – Zombie Revival Guide

5. THE BEST OF THE WORST – Sgt. Beatdown

6. THE BEST OF THE WORST – Back Of Our Mind

7. JOEY TERRIFYING – National Insecurities

8. JOEY TERRIFYING – Actual Factual

9. JOEY TERRIFYING – Bomb ’em Back

Cat #: SMR002

Label: Ska Mutiny Records

Kickback UK: Myspace

Best of the Worst: Myspace

Joe Terrifying: Myspace

Ska Mutiny Records presents TRIPLE THREAT! A three way split featuring Manchester posi-pop-ska-punk crew KICKBACK UK, Dundee’s danceable skacore assault on the senses JOEY TERRIFYING and all the way from the US of A we’re proud to bring to you the heavy, hardcore ska of THE BEST OF THE WORST.

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