Trigger Effect – What’s Left To Eliminate (12″)

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What’s left to eliminate? Every passing year sees Trigger Effect bring their ethic of energy and entropy to the world through their non stop barrage of shows and releases. 2013 is no exception with the release of their 3rd full length album appropriately titled “What’s Left to Eliminate?”. The album was written, rehearsed and scrutinized at length in true Trigger Effect fashion in between tours for 2012’s 10 inch EP “Escape from Planet Scorpion”. The album sees them at their best yet as they manage to pack even more riffs and even more catchy-yet-aggressive vocals into even shorter and more intense songs. At first glance the album’s sequence seems to echo their past efforts as one song crashes seamlessly into another but this time around the band have attempted a more narrative flow with each song contributing a chapter to a cohesive brutal rock and roll saga of despair and redemption.

For the album the band teamed up with Canadian mainstay producer Ian Blurton who is best known outside the great white north for his work with bands such as Cursed, Tricky Woo and The Weakerthans.

Trigger Effect’s story begins in the early 2000’s while it’s members were still in high school. The band played it’s first gig in 2004 with it’s current lineup coming together in 2005. The band immediately bought a van, named it Noline, hit the road and haven’t looked back. They first came to the attention of many people with the release of their first album, 2007’s blistering 22 minute opus “Dare to Ride the Heliocraft”. The band increased the scope of it’s touring to include their first comprehensive tours of Canada, Europe and the US. Their next release, 2009’s split 7 inch “Friendship.Adventure.Music” was a tribute to these tours and to their commitment to the spirit of the Turbo Machine, the moniker they had previously adopted for all of their professional and covert activities. This was followed by more touring and then an ambitious recording session in which the band recorded both a full length and an EP in one shot. They would first release the full length “Versitis Maximus” independently in 2010 and then again in 2011 through Indica Records. When touring for Versitis Maximus was complete they then sent the 10 inch “Escape From Planet Scorpion” off to the presses and did it all over again. The narrative style of the 12 minute song on the A side of “Escape From Planet Scorpion” foreshadows the larger scale effort of “What’s Left to Eliminate?”.

To date the band has owned 4 vans, had 1 stolen, released 5 pieces of vinyl on many different labels around the world and played more than 600 shows and festivals with more bands in more countries/states/provinces than can be listed here. The boys of Trigger Effect are now the men of Trigger Effect and as always the Turbo Machine does not die.