This Ends Here/Conqueror Worm – Split 12″

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This Ends Here have teamed up with the mighty Conqueror Worm to deliver a pummelling slice of wax. More of the brilliantly crafted political crust that This Ends Here are known for and 12 tracks of brutal crusty noise from CW.


This Ends Here;

1. Seeds
2. All Our Failed Seekers
3. Remember The Humans?
4. 1000 Miles To Warsaw
5. There Is No Alternative

Conqueror Worm;

1. Screech In Pain
2. Depleting Vital Planetary Resources
3. Imperialist Swine
4. Seven Days Of Fire
5. Deity Complex
6. Corroded Existence
7. Bludgeon Screw
8. Paradise Experiment
9. Inevitable Deletion
10. Klendathu System Eradication
11. Gnaw To Dust
12. Tectonic Ritual

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